Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back in Utardia!!

Yes we are back and very happy about it. Last night I got to sleep in my own bed and shower in my shower and go pee on my toilet (there's just a comfort from your own toilet, sorry) and most importantly we got to see our kitties. Oh how I missed them. Riddle stood watch over our luggage all night and morning making sure we weren't leaving again.
OK, so i'm sure all 3 of you that read my blog are just dying to know what happened on our 12 day vacation. Well here are the highlights
Trip out-NO SNOWSTORMS!!! It was perfect. We made it to Kearney, NE by 7 PM the first night and were home by 3:45 the next afternoon. We drove the entire trip in 19 hours, if you exclude the napping. Also considering i'm 7 months pregnant, it was really easy. My hip would start to hurt every once in a while but honestly everything went perfect.

Baby Shower #1-My mom threw me a baby shower at her home with women from my home ward and her ward. We made out like bandits. I have to go redo my gift registry some time today to update from all the stuff we got. My mom and her husband Rick were kind enough to buy our Travel System from Graco and my Step Grandma got us our Pack n Play. We were also gifted a swing and bouncy seat along with enough bottles and clothes to last us until this kid is at least 1.

Hair Cut-My mom paid for me to go see her stylist. A stylist who will look at you, your skin color and face shape and tell you what will look best. Basically I was informed that I should not be a blonde, with my skin color and eyes it washes me out. So she dumped in some chocolate low lites to soften me out and thinned out a ton of hair. I will take a pic later for you.

SNOW!!!-It snowed for 4 days straight at home. That never happens here and I LOVED it. Watching Bryan help shovel the drive at night only to walk outside at 9 the next morning to another foot on the ground. Good work out.

Bryan's Beard-Since Bryan works for the church he can't have facial hair. So while on vacation he let it grow. He came in one day from playing boot hockey with the ward in a hoodie, jeans, boots, hockey jersey and a BEARD and I just fell in love all over again. He had to shave it off last night, today i'm in mourning.

Christmas-We had 2 out in Minnesota. One with my mom on Christmas Eve. It was subdued compared to years in the past where we couldn't see the tree. Thank goodness or else we would have had some major problems driving home. And Christmas with my dad on Christmas morning. We got a few movies, lots more baby stuff, including a very fashionable diaper bag. My current favorite gift is a pair of Alpaca Slippers I have pretty much lived in these things since Christmas day. Bryan's favorite, weirdly, is a pair of wool socks that have also not left his feet since Christmas. So i'm basically saying stay away from our feet.

Relaxing-I spent a lot of time on the couch, napping. I also spent a lot of time in my mom's jaccuzi tub.

Singing in Church-Every time my brother and I are home it's like the traveling Davidson Show. We have to sing in church. This year we sang "He is Born" by Sally DeFord. Beautiful song. The first comment we recieved after church was over was "how are you 7 months pregnant and still have the air capacity to sing that well". Well, we sped the song up to almost 2 times the normal beat and we chose a song that I didn't have to hold anything out for more than 5 beats. We also walked up to the podium one song before ours so I wouldn't be winded. I know i'm pathetic, feel free to judge, but it worked. I didn't pass out.

Driving home-So the drive home was not as great as the way out. First off, we had so much stuff that we couldn't see out the back window, our seats couldn't recline, and our entertainment had somehow been wedged underneath everything. Second, apparently everyone from the midwest decided it would be a good idea to travel west, on I-80!!! Things were good until Omaha, that's when it all ended. We averaged about 10 miles an hour and at times were at a complete stand still. Why? Accident? Storm? No. Too many freaking people!! So instead of trying to make it to the Wyoming border our first night we camped in Grand Island, NE. The next day was much better, especially since Bryan let me listen to my new Glee CD on repeat for about 6 consecutive hours. How I love him.

Being with Bryan-Yes, i'm corny. I love spending all that time with with my husband. In fact I tried to convince him that we needed to take today off as well so we could go make sense of the explosion that occured last night in the Nursery. He however mentioned something about needing money and rent and blah blah blah. I love that I never get sick of that man. We are constantly in the car together, constantly take trips and yet we mostly talk in the car. I love it and I love him. We may not be perfect, and other people may look at our relationship and think we are too affectionate or what we do would not work for them and their relationships, but we know we are perfect for each other and that is all that matters.

PS we started the process of purchasing a home in WI. More details on this to come : )

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Minniconsin Here We Come

We leave for Minnesota in less than 48 hours and yes we are driving across the country while I am 7 months pregnant. We have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do to get ready including but not limited to:
Tire rotation
Oil Change
Buy See's Candy for Mom
Clean Apartment
Dr Appointment in which I must have 4 blood draws in 3 hours (pray for me)
Trip shopping (food, magazines, etc.)
Deal with Financial Aid to figure out why Bryan's Pell grant has stil not gone through
and more
We have to do all of this tonight and tomorrow night before we leave on Thursday morning. I will be slightly busy for the next couple days and won't blog much while at home. So wish us luck on our cross country 1300 mile trip and have a safe and happy holiday season : )

My Christmas Present

This is what Bryan got me for Christmas, and yes it's real. I got him Call of Duty Modern Warfare for the Wii. Yes, I feel like a bad wife.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cutest Freaking Thing Ever

I have mentioned before that everynight I sit in a nice hot bath full of moisturizing bubble bath to help soothe my back and keep evil stretch marks away. Well, on Saturday night I was taking a bath and Bryan came in to keep my company and the freaking cutest thing ever commenced.
So first off, let me preface by saying that Lil W starts moving around a lot when a) I lie down B)Bryan starts talking and c) he hears water, so all 3 of these things are happening at this very moment.
So onto the cuteness. Bryan walks in and sits down and we start talking about something I have read in a Parenting Magazine, one of a cagillion that I have recieved since becoming pregnant. Lil W hears daddy's voice and goes nuts!! He starts rolling and bumping to the point that even I was thinking "what in the crap are you doing child". Bryan is staring at my stomach half in excitement and half in horror. I'm sure watching your wife's stomach shift around on it's own is slightly unsetteling. So anyay, Bryan decides to start poking back at W....this is where it starts getting cute.
So Bryan would poke to the bottom left of my belly button, then W would kick back right where he poked. Bryan would poke above my button and sure enough W would shift around till he could poke back. Bryan bent over and loudly says "love you baby" and gives my tummy a razzberry and W not only pokes that exact spot but keeps poking for about 30 seconds as if to say "LOVE YOU TOO DADDY PS I'M RIGHT HERE"
This went on for about 5 or 6 minutes and it was absolutely adorable to watch Bryan play with his son. Sometimes Bryan feels left of this whole process because he can't feel the baby the way I do, he doesn't randomly start laughing because he just got kicked and it tickled; so to see his face absolutely light up with joy because his son loves to hear his voice, or will play games with him even though he isn't born just makes me more happy than I could ever put into words. When I decided to marry Bryan it wasn't just because I knew he would be an amazing husband, it's just as much because I knew he would be an amazing dad. I can't wait to see Bryan hold his son for the first time and to watch them together in the future. If Saturday night was any indicator of the future, than our baby is going to be the luckiest little boy ever.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I feel the spirit!!

So I have talked to a few people this year who simply do not feel in the Christmas spirit. Don't know what it is but apparently that is going around. My mom has a bad back and is trying to figure out a way to not drown the tree in presents this year so she simply isn't in the mood, my dad has had a rough couple months and his dad is in the hospital...again, so he doesn't want anything to do with the holiday and then there are still millions of people out of work who can't even afford Christmas this year.

Well, to all of them I say come and work in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where Christmas spirit is put in your hot chocolate in the mornings, hung from every desk, and can be heard from every bathroom stall, literally.

This is the Christmas tree in the middle of the JSMB where I work, I walk by in about a dozen times a day. I also walk through Temple Square at least twice a day which means I walk by lights and 6 different kinds of nativity scenes. Everyday at 1 and 2 I can literally hear High School choirs singing on every floor in this building, it particularly echos through the bathrooms (which is almost annoying when i'm trying to have a conversation with my mom while i'm going to the bathroom, you know you 've all done it : )) Also, everyday as I leave there is either a children's choir or some sort of instrumental performance going on. I have spent the last week wrapping Christmas CD's for important people around the world and have also scored tickets to not only the First Presidency Christmas Devotional but also the coveted Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert, I know, i'm a brat.

So to all of you that are not in the mood for Christmas, come visit me at my work, we will shove it down your throat, sing you a carol and then send you off with a wrapped Christmas CD or ticket to some random event you didn't even know existed. I just love the Holidays. Don't you?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wow that was painless

Last night I dreamt that 2 weeks before I gave birth to a human, I gave birth to a pony. The doctors didn't know it was in there. Luckily, in my dream it didn't hurt at all.
I chose to give the pony up for adoption in the dream, Lil W would have been jealous otherwise, and technically not the oldest.

I just want to bend over

So the other day Bryan and I were getting our Christmas pics taken and I had to change my shoes in the car. You would think I was trying to curl myself into a pretzel considering how difficult this was for me, and this got my thinking about some of the things I miss being able to do

1)Sleeping on my tummy. I had a perfect sleep pattern down, I rotated through 3 positions everynight and then settled in on my tummy, kind of like a dog who circles 3 times before laying down to sleep. Well at this point my own comfort at night is overshadowed by the desire to not kill my baby

2)bending over...for any reason at all. Putting on pants, socks, shoes is something that I have to really think about, is it worth having warm feet right now just to bend over and put those socks on. If I drop something on the floor there is a moral dilema going on in my head on whether it's worth it or not. The other day I lost my cell phone and ended up going home that night not knowing what happened; that's when I remembered that it had fallen on the ground and my brain decided that leaving it on the floor was the better choice, hey if someone called I would hear it and depending on who it was I would bend over. Now a days Bryan holds out my pants while I step it, i'm officially pathetic.

3)Breathing. I can't work out and I definately can't go up more then one flight of stairs. I work on the second floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and every Wed we have a devotional on the Mezzanine level, 2 flights of stairs down. Well at the end of the meeting everyone heads for the stairs, except for me, I have to take the elevator or risk passing out in front of the elderly missionary couples who practically ran up the stairs.

4)Having a waist. I miss belts and jeans without tummy stretchers in them. We went shopping on black friday and I saw all these cute dresses with belted waists and I almost broke down, unless that waist can be adjusted for about 8 inches above my actual waist that ain't happening.

5)Running into things without worrying. I watch football and cringe because I see everyone smacking into each other and being so carelss with their tummies, I watch someone jump onto a bed or couch face first and I want to cry because my first thought is "oh no their baby". On our way out of the hospital after I give birth i'm going to run into a wall on purpose just because I can.

6)Control over my bladder. I'm really sick and tired of having little accidents when I sneeze. Honestly, the other day we were shopping in Wal Mart, I sneezed, got this look on my face and quietly said "crap", I thought Bryan was going to die laughing.

You know, I make this all sound so horrible when really it's not. Here is a list of things I will miss when i'm no longer pregnant.

1)Feeling him move around. I complain but honestly it's amazing. He goes nuts when he hears Bryan's voice, he calms right down when I sing him his lullaby. He gets aggitated and squirms when i'm overly excited (the UofU BYU football game was bad, I think he was trying to escape so he could help us cheer). I love sitting in the bathtub and watching my tummy do a little dance cause he likes the sound of water. I know that I will miss that more than anything else.

2)Having Bryan's hand constantly on my stomach. From the day Bryan found out I was pregnant his hand has been super glued to the baby bump. First thing in the morning he rolls over and wraps his arm around me and places it on the baby, he watches TV with one hand on me, whenever someone asks how we're doing his hand shoots to my stomach and he says "we're all doing fine". He is so proud and so adorable and I will miss his constant attention to my mid section.

3)Talking to myself. I constantly find myself talking to my the baby. I don't even have to be alone, i'm narrating things to him.

4)Knowing where he is 24/7. Someday this little guy is going to grow up, drive a car, go on a mission, get married, heck even just go to Kindergarten and I won't be with him all the time. Right now I know where he is, I know when he's sleeping or awake, I know what he's eating and how he's feeling. I will miss that constant companionship I have with him.

5) *corny alert* I will miss his spirit. Does that sound weird, yes, but it's like I can feel him with me all the time. I'm growing a person, a child with a spirit who will one day grow up and do great things. I can feel his potential and his excitement and weirdly enough his love. The way he moves when Bryan talks I can tell how much he loves us both even though he can't actually tell me. I will miss that soo much.

6) the first moments of new life. Let's be honest, pregnany is hard, painful and sometimes very very gross; but I know it will all be worth it the first time I hear him cry. I know I will miss that moment and that feeling of "it's all worth it" when he's crying later on in life, when he throws a tantrum in the grocery store or wants to date the girl with the giant tatoo, nose piercing and pants so tight I can tell if she gets a bikini wax or not.

I want to cherish all that now while I still can. Half of me wants the next 12 weeks to fly by so I can meet him and so I can have my bladder back, the other half wishes I could stay pregnant forever. So though I may sometimes complain and make it sound like the worst thing in the world, know this-the blessings, the moments and the joy far outway any pain or discomfort you feel.

By the way if you have made it to the end of this ginormous post, congrats and give yourself a pat on the back.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Moments

I just watched a woman from my work walk into the private bathroom with a newspaper in tow. I don't know why, but that makes me happy : )

Have a nice weekend everyone, I will be spending mine getting ready for family to come.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Belly Button watch day...umm...something

So I always imagined that one day, in the far future, when I was pregnant, that I would wake up one morning and my belly button would simply be sticking out. That overnight it would have had a discussion with my tummy "ok so it looks like you're running out of room here" "yeah I think it's time you head out and give me that 1 sq cm of space, because you know, this kid needs that room for his big toe" "ok, tonight at 2:36 while the pregnant lady sleeps i'll make my move"

Well, it isn't actually like that. Over the past couple of weeks my belly button has begun to creep it's way out. It's gets more and more shallow everyday and in the past couple days it has made huge advancements. The top of my belly button seems to be making it's move, so the only portion that resembles an innie is the bottome half. Like they are playing tug-o-war and one portion doesn't want to go. This whole process is very very weird. Why? Because no one should be able to look down and see the inside of their button without having to work for it and you get a closer look then you ever really wanted.

So, what's the point of this post, well to simply inform you of the weirdness of pregnany. And that I am posting my guess that by Friday of next week, with the assistance of a very large Thanksgiving Dinner, my pseudo innie will officially become an outie.

PS. So yesterday I had another Dr apt. Lil W is measuring perfectly for 26 weeks, his heartbeat is 160 and sounds great. Bad news, I had to get shot in my butt, those just suck. They don't hurt going in but sitting on them feels like I ran a marathon with only one of my butt cheeks and it's crying out for relief. I also did a blood draw yesterday for a Glucose test. Well no one told me that I shouldn't eat sugar 12 hours before, so I ate a waffle with syrup for breakfast and ice cream the night before, because that's just what baby wanted. So I failed my test, that means next week I get to go back in for 3 hours and do a blood draw each hour. I think i'm going to go find a corner, massage my right butt cheek and cry.

*update 12/1/2009* Belly button is still holding on, it's fighting the good fight

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Declaring War

My precious little bundle of joy has apparently declared war on my tummy. Specifically he has declared war on my right side. I am currently sitting here trying to type and my right arm keeps bopping up and down because lil W is kicking me, or headbutting me, or he has extremely powerful farts that have the magical ability to look like a mini expolosion (I can only hope).

Seriously though, it's the exact same spot on my right hand side about 4 inches to the right of my belly button.
In case you can't imagine it, right here. And yes I realize i'm starting to look big, but I was just not one of those lucky girls who only looks like she's pregnant from the front, I look pregnant all over.
I don't know if there is something on the wall that's annoying him and so he's trying to beat the crap out of it or maybe he overheard a preview from Ninja Assasins last night while we were watching TV and has decided to practice his ninja skills and accuracy.
Now, I know that baby kicking is a blessing, it lets me know he is ok and growing, but at the same time I don't like him doing Civil War reenactments when i'm trying to concentrate and especially not when i'm trying to fall asleep. Although it will be cute when he starts to try and beat up imaginary spots on the wall when he isn't doing inside me but rather in his crib.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ahh Hormones

So I have explained to a couple people that, compared to some woman, I have had a relatively easy pregnancy. I didn't throw up too much, no major pains and especially no huge shifts in hormones. Not once have I irrationally yelled at a child, thrown food at my husband demanding something else, or woken up at 2 AM demanding my husband run out and get me a Frosty from Wendy's and some Burger King fries. I do not randomly break down in sobs while watching TV (except Animal Planet, but who can blame me) and to date there has only been one break down and cry moment...until Tuesday.
You see, I have started to experience some fun back pain and a hip that decides that it's time to clock out for the day at about 4 PM. This means that nightly I get to sit in a bathtub and try to heat away my pains. This is also the time that my tummy gets to act as a lone island in a sea of bubble bath, yes that's what it looks like.
So Tuesday night I get out of the bath and dry off and then I take a look at my backside, and there it is, a stretch mark, a big red ripping line that has decided to not only take over my butt but has decided to attempt to invade my hip. This of course lead to my first ridiculous break down.
I got dressed, craweled into bed and curled up in a ball (on my good hip of course) and tried not to freak out. That's when Bryan came in and asked if everything was OK. Of course everything is not OK, I have a martha freaking Stretch MARK!!!! I balwed, Bryan tried to console, I suddenly flashed to a mental image of it and started to cry harder.
Now I know this is common and I know people will tell me that it's all part of the miracle of having a baby and I say Shove It!! I have officially realized that my body is never going to be the same, that even though i'm putting on weight I can't really do too much about it. Why you ask? Because my baby has decided to migrate northwards and take over the space previously occupied by lungs so when I try to work out, baby laughs and pushes harder and mommy dearest almost passes out from lack of oxygen. I can eat less, sure, but have you ever met a pregnant woman who was hungry, she will happily slather your fingers in peanut butter and eat them as an appetizer before moving onto your child that is starting to resemble an oven roasted turkey. So I must learn to simply deal with it and attempt to drown that evil stretch mark (which I have named Armstrong, get it, like Stretch Armstrong) in the richest creamiest and most deadly lotion known to skin kind.
So this is where i'm at in my pregnancy, a stretch mark that is beginning to take on a personality of its own and mental fantasies of slathering small children in BBQ sauce and eating them whole. Pray for me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sesame Street

So for those of you who didn't know, Sesame Street is celebrating it's 40th Birthday. Now, yes I realize I don't have any kids YET to watch Sesame Street and that I shouldn't have seen an episode in over 20 years but I just wanted to say how much I love that show.

When I was and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would answer that I wanted to be Cookie Monster. It just made sense, he lived on a street with all his friends, he got to eat cookies all the time and let's be honest, to a 4 year old that is ALL that matters. Cookies and friends. I also believed that I would marry Big Bird. He was tall and popular and all the other muppets liked him and it would be cool to live in a nest.

Honstly, the day I found out that Big Bird was not real was one of the saddest days of my life, worse then the day I found out Santa was really just my dad and mom. The world just seems a little less magical knowing that these characters are just puppets. Even now I just watched a clip from the Today Show and they interviewed the guy who plays Elmo and a little piece of me died. I still want to believe that Elmo can walk and talk on his own and that every night he goes home to his little apartment where he lives with Abby Cadabby. I know i'm pathetic.

I can't wait for the day that my baby is here and we can sit down and watch Sesame Street, the baby is really just an excuse so I can watch and not feel bad about it.

So Happy Birthday Sesame Street, hope you're around at least until i'm done having kids : )

Friday, November 6, 2009

Gold Medal Baby

I was born at the end of January 1984 and my mom always tells me that she used to nurse me while sitting on the couch watching the Olympics, and ever since I have had a sometimes unhealthy obsession with anything Olympics related.

So what? Well, the other morning the Today Show was running a special 100 day countdown to the 2012 Vancouver Winter Olympics and that's when it hit me. Holy Crap my baby could be born during the Olympics, how freaking awesome would that be. As of right now the games start Feb 12th and i'm due Feb 22nd, and i'm just hoping that I will get so excited during the games that it will trigger baby to come out.
Now here is why this would be even more awesome. Not sure if any of you have ever tried to talk to me while i'm paying attention to my friend the TV, but it doesn't really work, I can zone out anything if I am watching something interesting. This frustrates Bryan to no end, he says he's the guy and that should be him paying attention to the TV, well I have the attention span of that cute dog on Up when he sees a "squirrel!!"

So what i'm saying, is if by some Olympic Miracle (they've happend, 1980 US Hockey Team) this baby decides to come during the opening cermonies, figure skating, Hockey or even Skiing then I hope that my years of practice for tuning people out will come in handy for contractions. I have the faith that I can zone in on team USA and push that baby out with minimul pain, and then i'll hold and cuddle him during a commercial break. I'm just kidding, unless it's during a gold medal game, then there may have to be some serious debate.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mushy Moment

3 years ago yesterday I was set up on a blind date with this guy. When I first walked in he was sitting on a couch, looking really young and nervous and wearing a Vote For Pedro shirt. By the end of that night I knew I wanted to spend more time with him, I wanted it enough that I was willing to drive up to Idaho the next weekend. After which I decided I wanted to be with him for a couple months and 2 months later I realized I wanted to be with him Forever.

Looking back we had no idea that we that first date would turn into what it is today. That in that time we would get married, switch jobs (a couple times), move to a place twice the size of our first, become parents to 3 cats, travel around the country and be 24 weeks pregnant with our first child.
Bryan is everything I have ever wanted, needed and way more then I deserve. I'm so happy that I decided to go on that date and take a chance on a freshly returned missionary.
If I was ever to give dating advice to anyone it would be this: date people who you normally wouldn't date, give people a chance even though they aren't what you expected, be open and realize that sometimes you need someone with qualities you never ever even considered.

Love you honey

This pic is from our second date back in Nov of 2006

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No I didn't eat it

OK, so one of the weirder things about being pregnant is the fact that I have turned into a walking, talking, breathing bib/garbage can. Case and point...
Last night I was way to tired and cranky to cook dinner, so on my way to pick Bryan up from class I stopped by Crown Burger, glorious and wonderful Crown Burger. I actually made it home without consuming the whole box of fries and Bryan and I sit down to enjoy our bountiful meal. I finish mine faster than Bryan finishes his, which has only happened maybe 3 times in our whole marriage, and I stand up to go potty because Lil W was mad that I drank a Diet Coke and decided to punch mommy in the bladder. When I stand up I am disgusted with how much crap falls off my shirt and lap, I could have fed a small child with those leftovers right there. Basically my upper body has protruded to the point where food can no longer escape.
This gets better. So later on that night I decide to take my shower. In the process of taking off all of my layers, I finally take off the final one and low and behold I find the leftovers of a small french fry that is now stuck to my tummy. Somewhere during my meal, this little guy escaped my mouth (an incredible feat on its own) only to fall down my shirt and work his way down south to his resting place on my tummy.
I was so embarassed at the time I didn't even show Bryan, but then in thinking about it this morning decided to share here. Why? Because this is starting to become a repeat performance. A couple weeks ago some popcorn did the same thing. This is just one of the many parts of pregnany they don't tell you about.

Monday, November 2, 2009

All At Sea

This past Saturday night Bryan and I attended a party thrown by our friend Chante. It was a murder mystery, based on a ship traveling to Europe on the eve of WWI and someone had killed the captain. First off, neither Bryan nor I were the killers, however Bryan did get a little excited and decided to kill someone else by throwing her overboard, he then joined a smuggeling ring and all this while I found out about his affair with some cruise singer. I on the other hand made a deal to sell ammunitions to Russia and France during the war, tried to have my husbands hussy killed and then pretty much ate my way through the night. My friend Marianne and I pretty much sat upstairs and ate cookies all night : )

So, anyway here are a few pics from the night.

Bryan and I at the end of the night.

The whole group, yes I realize I look very pregnant in this picture, thanks for pointing it out(the killer was the girl in the middle with a white shirt and red scarf)

Myself, Chante and Marianne (for those of you who don't know Chante, go google her name, she is kina famous around here)

Neither Bryan nor I figured out who the murderer was, however we did win the Cutest Couple award, Bryan thinks we won just because I'm prego, I must admit it does help.

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween and I hope you post pics soon so I can blogstalk you : )

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Eve

So tomorrow is Halloween!!! I don't post on the weekends, because..well...i'm not at work getting paid to do it, i'm just kidding.

So I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween and I hope you all post pictures of your costumes so I can blogstalk you on Monday and see what you were.

Bryan and I will be heading to a Murder Mystery on Saturday where we will be a rich couple on a ship at tbe beginning of World War I. Let me tell you, they don't make those kinds of dresses for pregnant women, so I will be doing some slight improvising. I will take pics and post them next week.

Happy Halloween Everyone

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today my friend Emily (the one who has not induleged in Jimmy John's) and I were chatting on office communicator and I told her a quick story about something that had to do with pregnancy and these are the words typed from her mind

"You are my birth control"

I have never felt so special in my life

Aww, i'm special

Nothing makes you feel quite as special as getting out of the shower, only to find one cat perched on the toilet and the other sitting upright on the floor, waiting for you to get out so you can love them.

I love waking up to find our cats sitting at our door, coming home to find them waiting at the window, or their sad little faces when they realize we are kicking them out for the night. You just feel so needed and loved, well that and they are obligated to love us since we clean out their poop box and feed them : )

This is what I used to wake up too, 3 cats using my legs as pillows. I would try and roll over and didn't understand why I couldn't, well this is why. Aren't they soo fat and cute : )

Friday, October 23, 2009

I worship a false Idol

And that false idol is Jimmy John's Sandwich!! Every time I go I get the #16 (Turkey and Bacon) and substitute a pickle for my chips in the combo. Oh my gosh, if there was a religion based on Jimmy John's I might seriously consider going....after the 3 hour block at my church of course. If you have not eaten at at the worshipful, yummytastic place known as Jimmy John's I suggest you take a visit there tonight or tomorrow. I know my friend Emily has never been there and i've decided we can't be friends again until she has partaken in it's nummy nummy goodness.
I also discovered today that if I send them a comment on their site, they send me a coupon for a free sandwich!!! Thank you oh mighty sandwich shop!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

typical preggo convo

"So I think that we should leave for home in the early afternoon on the.....STOP KICKING MOMMY IN THE BLADDER...17th so we can drive until like 11 and stay somewhere in Nebraska that night"

I thought Bryan was going to die from laughing. This little guy likes to use mommy's bladder as a punching bag, I don't know maybe he likes the sound of swishing water.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a huge let down

So Bryan and I went to see Where the Wild Things Are on Friday. I have been excited about this movie since I first saw a trailer, so let me tell you just how dissappointed I was when it was horrible.

First, let me say I loved the creatures, how they moved and how well they were animated. But that's just about it. I found them too scary for children, I actually had nightmares about them later that night. A little girl sitting next to us in the theatre started crying during one of the scenes.

This movie is based on a book that every child has read, ever child knows and loves; yet the movie is not for children. You should come to love the creatures, but the truth is you never fully trust them. I was always waiting for a certain wild thing to eat Max, like they did the previous king (which by the way, showing the bones of the previous king was just messed up).

So you'd think the movie is for adults, heck no. I was bored out of my mind, waiting for the story to go somewhere. Waiting for some huge life lesson or plot twist, but nope. It ended unresolved and left me completely unsatisfied.

I was so sad because the movie had so much potential, the trailers looked so good. So on my out of 4 star rating, I would give it a 1 1/2, simply because the monsters looked cool.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cat Attack 2009

So first, let me say it wasn't really an attack, just a scared cat. OK now on with the story.

Every morning when Bryan and I wake up we let the cats into the bedroom. Bryan heads off to take a shower and I head to the master bathroom, and the cats follow. They never follow Bryan, just me. I have my own little kitty entourage.

As i'm getting ready Lupin (gray fluffy) plops himself on the toilet tank and whines till I pet him, which I do while brushing my teeth. Riddle (fat black) flops down on the floor so I can scratch his belly with my feet while I do everything else. Tonks (tail less wonder) sits outside the door cause he's afraid of the sound of water and blow dryer.

So anyway, this morning as I finish washing my face, I reach over the top of Lupin's head to grab a towel and dry off. Well as i'm pulling on the towel, the towel rack pulls off the wall, falls right on Lupin scaring him half to death. This resulted in him bolting around the bathroom looking for an escape, in turn scaring the crap out of Riddle who, after banging into the wall a few times ran screaming out of the bathroom.

Unfortunately for me during this, I had 2 freaked out and pissed off cats running around and ripping apart my right foot.

I tried to calm down the cats and dry my face when I looked down with my blurry vision (no contacts in yet and glasses were off because of before mentioned face washing) and saw a giant pool of blood appearing on the floor and my foot. However, instead of stopping the bleeding, I first decided to finish drying my face and put on my glasses. Then I got a look at it.

This is an after shot, as in after I banged on the wall until Bryan got out of the shower. You see being 5 months pregnant hinders your ability to bend over and touch your toes. I can do it, but it usually results in a swift kick to the bladder by a pissed off baby. By the time Bryan got in half my foot was covered in blood. So Bryan pulled out the Iodine, yes iodine apparently we have not progressed past the 1980's, and poured it on my foot to clean it out and stop the bleeding.

Now i'll tell you, it still hurts like a martha focker and I have a fun bruise because apparently my cats are so fat that they can cause a bruise by merely jumping on my foot, but it was totally worth it to 1)see my cats freak out like that, good times and 2)watch Bryan run in dripping wet, barely holding a towel trying to figure out why his wife's foot is falling off. Ah, the precious moments.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


So first off i'm sick, which means i'm tired, which means i'm generally cranky. gurgle.
The worst part about this is, even though i'm dead tired, I can't sleep. Why you ask? Because I have a human growing in my stomach who makes it difficult to find a comfy position.
I'm a tummy/back sleeper. Always have been. But when your prego your supposed to sleep on your sides, basically I will either squish or kill the baby the other ways. So I found this tummy/side hybrid position, that worked until yesterday when lil W decided he wasn't going to have any of that and decided to kick mommy dearest until I finally relented and moved.
So that means I have to sleep on my sides, which i'm not used to, plus I weigh about 10 pounds more right above my hips so my body is funky. This results in horrible jutting pain in my hips that wakes me up after about 30 minutes.
I tried so hard to find a comfy position that I ended up taking over a good portion of Bryan's side of the bed. At one point he thought it would be sweet to cuddle...hahahaha...well, when your hips hurt and you can't sleep in the position you want that's not going to happen. So instead it resulted in my accidently kneeing him in the crotch.
I need to go buy one of those pregnancy pillows, or horse tranqualizers, I think my Dr could prescribe those for me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Belly

You will notice that i'm wearing the same thing in all the pictures, and yes I did do that on purpose. I want to see how far I can stretch it and see the difference in my body with the same outfit.

So here are the last few week: 18 Weeks, 20 Weeks

21 Weeks

My bladder and me

So a lot of women talk about the issue of your bladder shrinking when you're pregnant. They talk about having to go to the bathroom 20 times a day and 10 in the middle of the night.
Well, for people who know me well, you know that my bladder was already a modern miracle in its petite size. So being pregnant has just been super. So here are 3 fun filled baby/bladder facts about my pregnancy : ) (I can already tell you are super excited)

1)My baby knows exactly where my bladder is. Let me tell you there is nothing like sitting at your desk, writting a press release when suddenly you have something punch you from the inside, and there is a split second where you think you are going to wet yourself. It's true. I have decided the first thing i'm going to do when this baby is born is hug and kiss him, take a picture and then spank him for kicking mommy in the bladder at work.

2)I lost count of how many times I peed yesterday. I honestly tried to keep count and lost track after 15. Dead serious. We are buying toilet paper like crazy.

3) No one warned me of the threat of accidents when I sneeze. I had to leave church after 2nd hour yesterday because i've been sick. So I get home and i'm about to turn on the TV when I feel a sneeze, wait for it...wait for it...out if comes, along with a little something else. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I have officially lost bladder control, laughing too hard is dangerous. Sneezing must be done with caution. And don't even think about pushing to hard to pass gas (yes I just wrote that, i'm sorry if you're offended but this is just how I am)

So, now that a few people who are reading this are deciding to never visit my blog again, I hope the rest of you enjoyed my overly descriptive narration on my bladder and it's turmoil during pregnancy.

Friday, October 9, 2009


They gave the freaking Nobel Peace Prize to Obama???? Why??? What has he done to deserve that? He has only been in office 9 months, and was only in office for 2 weeks when nominations took place. I honestly don't understand? Politics aside, honestly, what the crap has he done besides cause more of a rift in this country, put his own country into more debt, and suggest a completely ridiculous health care plan?
I lost any respect that I may have had left for the Nobel Organization (that's not much after they gave Al Gore one)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My child will be a Packers Fan

and the name Brett Favre will never be uttered in his presence, because i'm still mad at him.
Yesterday we received our first baby gift from Bryan's mom, a little Packers outfit. It was so adorable I tried to put it on my belly and imagine baby wearing it, yeah that didn't work, tummy not big enough yet.
So like I said our child will be a Packers fan, that's not an option. He will also do the following:
-scorn Brett Favre's name FOREVER
-Be a U of U fan
-Never ever even consider attending BYU, unless he wants to make his mother cry
-Play football
-never wear jeans tighter than his sisters
-kiss his mother goodbye when he gets out of a car at school, even when he's 15 years old and super embarassed about it. Because, dang it, i'm going to have to give birth to you in 20 weeks i'm scared out of my freaking mind

those are pretty much the basics. Everything else he does will just be a bonus : )

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Childhood Fears

So the other day I was reading dooce and she was talking about fears she had as a child. That made me think of stupid things I was afraid of as a child, when this one popped into my head.

So when I was a kid I LOVED to swim, I could swim for hours floating around pretending I was Ariel from Little Mermaid (every little girl did it). Now, I could swim for hours, as long as there was someone else there. As soon as everyone else got out, I had to stay in the shallow end. Not because my mom was afraid I would drown or that I was too young. No this was self imposed. You see, I knew that as soon as I swam into the deep end all by myself that the evil shark that lived in the grate at the bottem of the pool would suddenly jet out, grab my little make believe mermaid legs and drag me back down into the underwater cave below the grate and eat me. He was willing to wait there till I was stupidly swimming all alone.

Honestly, to this day if i'm still in a pool by myself I look at those grates and I swim away from them.

Stupid I know, no shark could fit down there. Sharks can't live in chlorine. Sharks couldn't swim through those grates if their lives depended on it.

Still, when you're a kid, you're afraid of things that don't make sense. Things that as adult you look back and think "stupid kid". Was anyone else afraid of something so silly? Or was anyone else afraid of the shark in the grate at the bottem of the pool? I know my friend Marianne was, so at least i'm not alone : )

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Molly's attempt at creativity=Give Away

OK, so i'm good at scrapbooking, but that's about it. At least I think so. Well the other day I was flipping through a magazie and saw these cute jars, they were for Halloween. You wrap paper around them, add some ribbon and fill them with candy. Well rather than make them for Halloween (i'll do that later) I decided to make some for the Baby's room. No idea what i'm putting in them, but at least they are cute.

When we have decided on a name I will add a big letter to each one so it spells out his initials.

I also decided to make this a give away. Just to test if anyone reads this. So the first 2 people to comment and tell me what colors/theme they want, I will make them a set of 3 jars and fill them with candy.

PS-these are the colors in the baby's room, just in case someone wanted to buy something to match : )

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm wearing Uggs behind this desk

So if you don't live in Utah, you should know that apparently God decided to hit the Winter switch and it dropped over 40 degrees in a 24 hour period. Tuesday it was nice and 85 and then Wed was cold and 40 something.

Well the drastic change has also caused my body to hit the Cold Switch. Meaning i've got a slight cough (do you know how painful it is to have a slight cough when your pregnant, I think my uterus might detach itself with every hack), my nose is stuffy and I have those everyday cold symptoms.
So that means that today, I dressed for work like normal, dress, jewelry, grabbed heels; but then I decided to take some extras. I actually wore my Uggs to work, walked across Temple Square and into the JSMB in a dress, Uggs, and a zip up fleece sweater just in case. I don't want to take any chances of catching a cold, so all day today I will be sitting behind my desk with my boots on and huddled up in my sweater drinking hot chocolate. If you give me a heated blanket I will be in heaven.

That is the sexy view under my desk. Man i'm hot.

PS baby has been kicking me the entire time i've been trying to type, so apparently he wants to say "Hi". So please except this hello from Baby Watson.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Awkward Moments From Yesterday

Awkward #1
So everyday I have the pleasure of walking through Temple Square, multiple times. And every Tues through Friday I get to see people taking wedding pictures. Now I understand that up to 30 couples get married there a day, and that you can only do soo many original pictures, that people are running out of ideas. But this was ridiculous. I couldn't explains so I drew you a picture instead.

Yes, he was down on his knees, she was standing up with her foot on his upper leg and he had both his hands on her thigh!!! The best part was when the photographer said "now look at each other sexily" OH MY GOSH!!! I was trying not to laugh at them on the spot. That would have been rude. So instead I make fun of them on my blog.

I really do understand that everyone wants to be original when taking pics at the Salt Lake temple, but honestly everyone gets married there, so just stick with what works and don't try anything to crazy, especially cause now you know people like me are walking by and judging you. (by the way, I don't mean anything bad by saying, everyone gets married there. If my parents hadn't been married there and then 14 years later divorced I might have considered it too)

Awkward #2

Watching a child start drinking out of the reflecting pond for a good minute while the parents are talking to some friends. This kid seriously had his entire face stuck in that water and was drinking like he would shrivel up if he didn't drink it all right then and there. Then he would take his head our for a minute to get a breath and dive back in. Finally the Mom noticed what was going on, but did she run over and pull him out, ohh goodness no. Instead she just yelled "Peyton, stop that" in a nice polite voice, like the kid is actually going to listen. So finally after about a minute of politely asking, the Dad gets annoyed and pulls the kid out. At that point, Peyton starts to scream and tries to run back to the water. The mom came over and tried to console the child but instead he kicked at her and ran back. At that point I was trying so hard not to laugh I moved on.

Can I just say I have 2 huge pet peeves about parenting. 1)parents that threaten and never follow through, i'm sorry but your kid is going to walk all over you and i'm not going to feel bad about it. and 2) parents that think politely asking your child to stop eating that piece of dog poo they just picked off the ground is going to work. Ohh my goodness, you yell no, run and grab it away from the child and then explain to them with a stern voice that that is disgusting and they should never do it again. Honestly, politeness doesn't work when your a parent.

Awkward #3

this isn't as funny. So I was walking from my car to the grocery store after work yesterday, which was extremely windy. I'm trying to keep my skirt down (you have to wear a skirt everyday when you work for the church) and was pretty unsuccessful. Finally a big gust of wind swoops in and...oops there goes my skirt, flashing my goods to everyone. Luckily people tried to not notice that they just saw what I wear under my clothes, but I know they were all laughing at me in their heads. Heck, that's what I would have done.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Premier Week Part 2

Wow, what a freaking let down. Honestly I was not impressed by anything. In fact in some cases I didn't watch premiers but instead chose to watch shows that had already been running like Biggest Loser, Glee and So You Think You Can Dance.
Even the Grey's season premier, not that great, I expected a lot more.
So this week people are allowed to call again because apparently there is nothing worth watching on TV anymore. TV you have let me down, i'm pulling the mom card and i'm going to say it

"I'm dissappointed in you"

It's a Boy, or a very sexually confused girl

So in case you hadn't heard already, Bryan and I found out last Wednesday that we are having a baby boy.

We are extremely excited. However, at the time, we were so ready to get away from the Ultrasound that we kinda didn't care.
First off, no one told me I didn't have to drink water during this ultrasound, I previously had to drink 32 ounces of water before hand. So during the entire thing I was seriously worried about peeing on the technician. Then the first lady ( I say first because there were 3 different people poking me) started at the head and took her sweet time working her way down, showing us every little bone and organ. Which is nice, don't get me wrong, but we specifically told her we wanted to know the sex, and I have to pee. So after 30 minutes she casually says " and so I guess I think it's a boy, everytime he moves his legs there is a little shadow, I can't tell for sure but I think it's a boy"
Umm, can you say anti climatic!!! I was kind of annoyed, no big hurrah or light show, she didn't even look at us or show us when she said it. Boo. So then she has to run off so she hands it to another "Dr" aka med student who apparently feels it's inappropriate to talk at all during his poking and proding. So instead he stares at the babies head for 15 minutes trying to take measurements. During all this the baby is jumping around, kicking, punching and apparently putting on some in utero performance.
Finally the real Dr. comes in and takes over, at this point I am allowed to relieve myself, thanx to some warning that I seriously will wet myself. At this point he starts jiggeling the baby around trying to get him to spread his little legs, and another 15-20 minutes later....ta da!!!! Right there for all of us to see is his little manhood. At this point he says "yup, you are definately having a boy" at which point I joke "or a very screwed up little girl" I laugh, Bryan laughs, the Dr looks at me with this pitty in his eyes for our future son.

Here is Baby Watson. Now, we have a problem. We have NO idea what to name him and are more then open to suggestions. Keep in mind the kid is already screwed with Bryan and I for parents so let's not make it worst with names like Morton or Harry. Also, we finally registered at Target, just to let you know : )

Monday, September 21, 2009

Premier Week!!!

Oh sweet fall!!! There are many things I love about fall...weather, Halloween, sweaters, the smell of apple cider, but one of the best is the return of my good friend TV!!

In the spring I was left feeling abandoned by my good friend, he only told me partial stories and left me hanging there for 4 months!!!

So during the glorious holiday known as Premier Week I will literally sit on my butt every night from 7-10 PM. If you try to call me between these hours I will deliberatly ignore your call. I will be cooking dinners that can be eaten at the coffee table and cleaned up during commercial breaks, maybe, sometimes 2 good shows are on at the same time so I flip during commercials. So dinners may consist of take out : )

So tonight I will be sitting on my butt watching this:

And on Thursday I will be crying and watching this:

and all the fun new shows in between. This is the week where decisions are made, who will I watch/Tivo the rest of the year? Will I give you a second chance and try again next week? Are you worth my 30 min-1 hour a week?

I hope you all have a happy Premier Week and remember don't call me betwen 7-10, serious, I will ignore you!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Joys of Pregnancy?

So now that i'm 17 weeks along, I feel I can impart some of the joys and not so joyous parts of pregnancy. First off, let's begin with the story of what happened within the first 2 weeks of us finding out we were pregnant.
Friday-Found out we were Pregnant=happy day
Monday-had some fun cramps, call to make appointment, tells me cramps=bad and I need to have blood tests
Tues-blood test #1=Molly crying and freaking out
Wed-Informed my hormone count is low, i'm going to have a miscarriage, but just in case they want more blood tomorrow. Also find out i'm RH negative, which means I get to have a shot (basically this means that my blood thinks the baby is a disease or tumor and will try to kill it unless I get the shot)
Thurs-Blood test #2, plus shot in the BUTT!!! Yup, not the arm, the butt and holy crap did it hurt. Not going in but as soon as she started pushing that liquid in it did. For some reason I thanked her.
Fri-Hormones are up but your still going to miscarry, want more blood on Monday
Mon-Blood test #3, didn't cry had nice nurse who knew I was scared and talked to me the whole time
Tues-hormones are still going up, still going to miscarry but now we want to do an ultrasound
Thurs-Ultrasound, found baby with beating healthy heart it's only about 1/4 of an inch long
Fri-Nurse calls surprised they found the baby, told me to still prepare for miscarriage

So now, 11 weeks later I have still not had a miscarriage. I have had 2 Dr appointments since then where we saw another ultrasound of the baby and found a strong heartbeat. Honestly I was mad at them for putting me through it, I wanted to run back in and say hahahahahaha, but then I thought that would be bad luck. So after all that crap, then came the normal symptoms

Tired-first trimester I took naps at work, went to bed at 9 and would fall asleep while watching TV
Smells-if I smelt anything that I wasn't craving in that minute I would start to gag
Morning Sickness-I only threw up twice, which is more then i've thrown up in 10 years, but still not bad for being pregnant
Cravings-I ate Cafe Rio salads like they were going out of style, poor Bryan was going to kill me

Honestly it hasn't been that bad, especially compared to some people I know. I wouldn't call it joyous, but it's not terribly unpleasant. Now I just have to come to terms with the fact that sucking in my tummy isn't going to work anymore. Trust me i've been trying.

Speaking of babies...

If you hadn't heard already, i'm pregnant.
We found out on June 19th. The weeks leading up that day, I had been feeling ridiculously tired, all I did was sleep. Working was hard, cooking was hard, it sucked. We had been trying to get pregnant since Nov of 08 so I didn't want to get my hopes up that I was pregnant but I couldn't help it. After I was about 4 days late I decided it was time to find out the truth.
I told Bryan I was leaving work early because I was tired, I mentioned in passing that I would pick up a pregnancy test but luckily he wasn't paying that much attention : ) So I left at noon, ran to Wally World and picked up the test. Went home and procrastinated, not wanting to find out just in case it was a false alarm (by this time I had peed on countless sticks that were negative) and went to work cleaning the house.
Finally I had the urge to pee and did the deed. Went into the other room and sat and waited. Weirdly enough, I wasn't that nervous, a part of me already knew I was pregnant so when I picked up the stick and read a positive diagnosis, I just sat down and cried. We had been trying and praying for so long and it was finally going to happen.
Now came the task of figuring out how to tell Bryan. Some people try to do super creative stuff or wait until they can go buy something, I was so anxious that I wanted to call him on the phone, don't worry I didn't. So how did I do it?
Well, Bryan and I have a mac and recently had discovered it's type and speak feature. We had experimented with funny things, nothing quite like hearing a robotic brittish voice make a joke about a squirrels sexuality : ) We had had kind of a competition to see who could write the funniest thing. So I decided to let the computer tell him and then I would show him the stick.
So Bryan gets home from work...finally...and goes into the bedroom to change, I follow him with the comp and the stick in my pocket. I tell him I have something really freaking funny from the computer to tell him so I bring it over and hit enter (I had already written it out) and in a robotic man's voice is reads "Bryan, you are going to be a Daddy". Bryan stopped and looked at me funny, then said "what?" So I hit enter again. He got it this time and I pulled out the stick. After a couple minutes of jumping and crying we finally settled down enough to talk about it. When do we tell people? Who do we call first? Can you make a Dr. Appointment right now?
Bryan was soo excited he just kept rubbing my tummy and still does today (i'm now at 17 weeks)
You see, Bryan has ALWAYS wanted to be a dad, he always finds little kids or babies and holds and plays with them. As for me, I have always wanted to be a mom, that's really it. I never wanted to be a Dr or Astronaut or even a Princess, I wanted to be a Mommy and now I have that chance.
We are ecstatic and can't wait for Feb. 22nd to be here. We find out Next Wed, Sep 23rd, what we are having then comes the fun of picking out a name. Good times.
So wish us luck and keep us in your prayers, trust us, we need them : )


It's apparently baby season. In my family we have had 2 births and including extended family 4 pregnancy announcements.

So first off. Heidi (Bryan's Sister) gave birth to Wyatt Shane Rees on April 1st, i'm pretty sure sometime around 7 at night. Not sure on that one.

He is adorable, and we are soo happy that Shane and Heidi finally got a boy.

Next up, my brother Dugan and his wife Angie gave birth to Cayden Alexander Davidson on July 23rd, Angie only had to push for 5 minutes! Lucky. This is their second baby together, now they have a boy and a girl. Angie says their done, but i'm going to go ahead and bet no on that one. This is a picture of Kenzie and Cayden that Angie just sent me. So flipping cute, I want one. Luckily Kenzie is adjusting very well to not being the center of attention anymore.

Also, Bryan's other Sister Heather announced to us in August that they are due in the beginning of January. They found out about a month ago that they are having a boy and they already named him Aydin. I think that's how she wants it spelled. So many babies soo little time.

Holy Crap!!!

I suck! Really, March 3rd was my last post? Over 5 months. OK, well when you're unemployed for a portion of those, honestly you get so bored that you'd rather do nothing than something productive like blogging.
Well, I won't give EVERY update in this post. This one is about jobs. Like the fact that I have one. I have actually been employed since June 8th with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. First I got a job as a Producer's Assistant for Web Media in Audio Visual, sounds exciting doesn't it. It wasn't. I uploaded images, did a lot with Photoshop, and filled in over 8,000 cells worth of General Conference Metadata.
So you may have noticed I said first, I did. I don't work for the AV department anymore. They started a new rule that husbands and wives can't work in the same department, so since Bryan had been there longer I got the boot on Aug 31st. Lucky for me, I had done some work for the Public Affairs Department and they decided they would employ my pathetic self instead.
So now, I am an assistant to the Area Directors of Public Affiars. The Area Directors are in charge of PR around the world. So while some people just deal with KSL and Deseret News, I get to deal with Guana and Moscow. Pretty nice.
So yay for being employed. I must admit, my life was turning into something pathetic near the end of that 4 month stint. TV sucked, I think I had cleaned everything in our crap apartment, my Wii Fit was mad that I never let it sleep, and even the cats started looking at me funny.
So that is update Numero Uno. Enjoy the Rest : )

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Really Jason?!? Really???

So first off I watch the Bachelor, religiously.  And I don't want to go into a lot of details, but I will say this, I was PISSED.  Melissa said it perfectly...Jason "you're such a bastard"

yup, I said a bad word, sorry.  
Even Better...in the words of Rockstar Diaries "Jason Mesnick is a Douche Bag"
So that in the past, let's all pray to the ABC Bachelorette God's that Jillian gets her turn.  

Monday, March 2, 2009

We Surround Them

OK, so it's pretty obvious that i'm a conservative republican, if you have not figured that out yet than you have problems.  Well I am also a big supporter of Glenn Beck, I LOVE HIM!!! I love his idea, the way he talks, the way that he is not afraid to ask hard questions, his books, show and so on.   Well anyway, for anyone that has been watching Glenn Beck lately they know about his special show on March 13th.  If you have not keep reading.

Please click on my link here, basically he has outlined some core values that he believes in and is asking if we as a country believe in them as well.  
So if you have visited this site and agree with his 9-12 values than he asks that you send your picture to wesurroundthem@foxnews.com
ALSO-if you don't get cable or if you want to watch th
e Glenn Beck Special with a large group of people than you can visit HERE, there is a large group of supporters who are watching at a restaurant down in South Jordan and Glenn Beck will be cutting to the restaurant live during his special.  
Hope to see some of you there.  
We would love as many people as possible to come and I strongly encourage you to send your pictures in. Bryan and I already have.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why Mormon Girls Stay Single

I just found the best blog ever. Why Mormon Girls Stay Single, it's hilarious. Now I know most of you read Seriously So Blessed, I do as well, and it makes fun of mormons by exaggerating the silly and sometimes annoying things about our culture. Why Mormon Girls Stay Single is making fun of Mormon girls (and boys) while trying to help them, by calling them out on all the silly stupid things that the singles do.

Examples on posts

-Quit wearing flip flops to church
-Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free
-Text relationships are not REAL relationships
-You served a mission? Well did you bring any souveniers back from your extended vacation? (this one sounds really mean, but it's really funny)

I have been reading this out loud with Bryan all night. I feel like this guy is reading my mind. It's not only why mormon girls stay single, but it pinpoints soo many things that I despise about what I call the Typical BYU Daddy's Girl 18 year old looking for her MRS. Degree.

I have sent him a suggestion to talk about the Utah Poof. Can I just say this, girls....quit trying to make a shelf on the back of your head with your hair. If hair was supposed to be that big, rigid and bubble like than God would have created hair that defyed gravity the first time around. Just saying.

So anyways, I suggest you visit this guys blog, I promise you'll enjoy it. If you are married you will look back and laugh at yourself (or thank the lord you never did any of it) and if you are single than maybe you will get some advise.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I just have to keep telling myself "I love my cat"

So we have now had Tonks for 5 months.  When we first got her she was just a baby so we took her in and got her all her shots, but decided to wait on getting her spayed.  We thought we can wait since she will be an inside cat, our other 2 cats (boys) are both fixed so there's no way for her to get Preggo.  

We didn't see any problems with this, until last week.  Tonks is in HEAT.  Ohh my gosh, its HORRIBLE.  All day every day she is constantly howling, apparently she is trying to call a male kitty to give her some loving.  She also walks around with her butt up in the air, trying to persuade someone to come and have a go.  She is doing this to our 2 boy kitties, and since they don't have the equipment or desire anymore they just push her away.  Its really annoying watching her rub her bum in their faces.  And seriously, the howling, I love her but a small part of me wants to throw her out the window, or just let her outside and let some male cat have his way with her.  

The only thing that stops her from howling is for me to rub the side of her butt for a couple minutes.

Below is a pic of Tonks trying to rub her butt on Riddle, but poor Riddle just does not understand what's going on, so he just sits around and gets backed into a corner every time she tries to make a move.
So on Wednesday I am taking Tonks in to get fixed, thank goodness; it can't come fast enough.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm a spoon killer

So um, have you ever come home from grocery shopping and and sniffed around your apartment and smelt something burning; but you figure that since they are working on the apartment next to yours that it was just something they were working on, so you ignore it and the smell gets worse?  Than you go to unload the dishwasher and the smell suddenly intensifies?  Than while unloading you find  a WOODEN SPOON BURNT TO THE COILS?

Well I have, in fact I did it yesterday.  I love wooden spoons, so anytime I lose one to a break, or over washing, or in this case burned to death in the dishwasher, I get a little sad.  I should really stop buying them because all that enter my home, die horrible splintery deaths.
So below is a picture of my dearly departed wooden spoon.  I will miss you (until tomorrow when I replace you : )

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have never actually been tagged before, I feel special.  I was tagged by my friend Becca from my ward. 

Rules: Link to the person who has tagged you (above) Write down six things that make you happy.  Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it.  Then tell the person when your entry is complete.

1.  I'm happy the hour or so before bed at night when Bryan and I crawl into bed, watch The Simpsons and cuddle, best hour of my day.  

2.  I'm happy when I have a clean apartment, I love coming home and knowing I don't have to do any dishes because its already clean.  I can sleep easier knowing that my house is clean.

3.  I'm happy when I get to see family, I live far away from mine so it really makes me happy when I get to see them.

4.  I'm happy when i'm half way into a really good book and all I want to do is hop in the bathtub, sit there and read for hours on end.  Nothing is better than a good book, especially books about adolescent love sick vampires.

5.  I'm happy when I watch my kitties do cute stuff.  Since I don't have kids, they entertain me.  They are super cuddley, they talk back to us, and they follow us around like little puppies.  I love them.

6.  I'm happy when I get to spend an entire day with my husband.  He's my best friend and I love just spending the entire day with him.  

I tag-Whitney, Jessica, Mary, Ashley, KJ and Holly

I changed again

I have done it again, I have changed my appearance.  Poor Bryan probably feels like he's been tricked, he wakes up next to a woman who looks nothing like the woman he married.  
Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  
So for anyone that has not found me on facebook yet, below is a pic of my new hair cut.  It sits right below my chin.
Now some of you may be asking "Why?" 
Well, let me tell you this, my hair is thick, really ridiculously freaking thick, and it takes FOREVER to dry and curl, up to 2 and a half hours every other day.  Plus its soo thick that its heavy, therefore it weighs my hair down and takes away any volume.  So when its short it's fluffy and light(relatively light) and sooo much easier to take care of.  
So feel free to comment, like, hate, think I look like a boy.  Whatever.

By the way, this is a pretty decent job considering I took it from my cell phone.  Thank goodness for picnik.  

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's official

It's official, the economy has finally hit home, our home. I lost my job on Friday Jan 30th, yup that's right, the day before my birthday.
My company has not been doing very well financially and so the day after our COO left the company, myself and 4 other people were let go. In a company of only 34 people, that's a lot.
So I called Bryan and he came and got me, we left with lots of hugs from my co workers. I thought my poor boss was going to break down in tears. Luckily I waited till I got home till I broke down. I really loved what I did there, and though there were some people that I disliked (they will remain nameless, but they know exactly who they are), I still enjoyed work.
So Bryan and I had a big decison to make. You see, we have been looking for a reason to leave Utah for a while, i'm not a big fan of it here, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. So we took it to the temple, that was where the answer seemed obvious.
So as soon as Bryan and I can get jobs out in WI or MN we are out of here. Bryan will enroll in UWRF when we get there and I will continue to put him through school.
We are terrified to leave, excited to go home, nervous about finding jobs, and any and every other emotion you could possibly feel, but we know it's the right thing do to. So if anyone knows of any job openings, or anything else that can help us, let us know.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Husband and I are the same age....for 10 days!!

For 10 days only, every year Jan 21st -31st, Bryan and I are the same age. I was born in '84 and Bryan in '85, so for a 10 glorious days Bryan can't make fun of me for being older than him, and I can't call him a Whipper Snapper.

So on Wednesday Bryan and I celebrated his 24th Birthday. Since our birthdays are only a month after Christmas we don't have a whole lot of money to spend on each other, so our birthdays are usually pretty low key. So for Bryan's birthday he got a new Messanger Bag for his lap top, 2 beautiful suits from my mom and some cards.

I left work early on Wed so that I could run home and bake a Pumpkin Cake (it's Bryan's favorite and it tastes really good but looks like it has a disease), we then went to his dinner of choice Noodles & Company, he loves it there.
Bryan's dinner of choice, Pasta Fresca with shrimp

I love him

He's waiting for me to finish singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out all 24 candles, next year i'm just getting the numbers 2 & 5, because they are a pain in the bum to light

So Happy Birthday honey, I can't tell you how thankful I am that you were born 24 years ago : )

Monday, January 19, 2009


Bryan's Birthday is on Wednesday Jan 21st, he will turn 24

My Birthday is Sat. Jan. 31st, I will be turning 25 this year
If anyone would like to send us presents, ask I will give you our address : ) Just kidding, kinda.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

MMM, Steak

Last night Bryan and I had the chance to go out to dinner with my oldest and best friends. We met down on 106th S. and ate at Texas Roadhouse, Hence the MMM Steak.
It was soo great to hang out with my girls. To be honest, I don't really get along with girls, never really have. I'm fine for a while and then i'm just done with it. So there are only a couple girls that have stayed friends with me for more than a year or 2. Here are 3 of them.

Brooke and Jill I have know for as long as I can remember, we all grew up in Wisconsin and were members of the same ward. We lived at each others homes during High School, so much so that we would get disciplined by each others parents. In fact I think I got yelled at by Cindee (Brooke's Mom) more than I was yelled at by my own dad. Ashlee is Brooke's little sister, i've known her forever but none of us really became friends till she was about 16, up until that point we were just really mean to her and told her if she basically served us, she could hang out with us. Good times.

So since Jill is moving to Cali today, we all got together (poor Bryan). It was great to talk about the old days ex. Brooke trying to take pants off in the car cause it's too hot, my perm, crushes on boys who are now bisexual, dances, oh it almost makes me want to be 17 again (I said almost). So here's a couple of me and my best friends.

Jill and Ashlee

Across the table, apparently no one wanted to sit next to the married couple

Brookey and me. It took about 4 tried to get a pic where Brooke's eyes were even remotely open.

the 4 of us. Bryan didn't want any proof that he hung out with 4 girls all night : )

I love you girls!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Yes, I realize that we are already half way through the month. Don't worry one of my resolutions is to stop putting things off. So today I figured I would change my background off of Happy New Year and write about my resolutions. However, first things first...thecutestblogontheblock.com is currently down, their server went down and they need to buy a new one. If anyone loves their backgrounds and wants to help getting it back up, please click HERE
So, back to me (it's my blog, if you don't want to read about me, well then go somewhere else). I've been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish this year and what i'm going to resolve to do; and besides the obvious ex. lose weight, eat better, win my battle with zits. I have come up with a couple more that I think will improve my life

1) Stop comparing myself to others-OHH MY GOSH, i'm horrible at this, and it's really starting to take its tole on me. I blog stalk a lot and i'm constantly comparing myself and my life to everyone else out there in blog land. Some people my age have a house, or already have 3 kids, or have husbands in Law School (everyone seems to be going to law school) and I start thinking that i'm way behind or inadequate because we live in a little apartment with 3 cats rather than kids and Bryan is only just finishing up his associates (I married a man a year younger than I am so he's only 23, if you add in the mission is is actually right on track). So i'm stopping, i'm in a very happy marriage, we live comfortably and my 3 cats are cuter than some kids i've seen out there (you know it's true)

2)I'm going to be happy where I am and with who I am. Goes along with Res #1. I'm always waiting for the next thing, i'm excited for this summer or fall 2009. I'm going to like it right here right now. If it's winter i'm going to love winter....if it's summer i'm going to love summer. If i'm a brunetter instead of a blonde than i'm going to like it.

3)I'm going to stop being annoyed with people who think they are superior to me because their blogs are not about their families, or because they are in grad school, this doesn't make you any better than anyone else, or any more intelligent (you just sound arrogant)

4)I'm going to do my best to start my family (aka have a baby)-Bryan and I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Our prophets and members of the 12 have been saying for years, DON'T PUT OFF STARTING YOUR FAMILY, there is no excuse!!! Got that NO EXCUSE!! I have talked to a lot of people out there who think they are exempt from this commandment because they don't have money, they are in school, they live in a tiny apartment (with 3 cats), or whatever other reason. Well Bryan was at work in December and had a devotional lunch(he works for the church) and got to sit nex to Elder Scott...well guess what he said "Don't put it off for ANYTHING, there is NO EXCUSE". We are done making our excuses, done putting it off. So with any luck this year I will be preggo.

Those are the most important ones. A lot of self improvement. Good luck to every one else on their New Year's Resolutions, wish me luck on mine : )

Friday, January 9, 2009

Best Discovery Ever

I just discovered picnik.com OH MY GOODNESS!! I LOVE IT!!!
The other day I was looking at other people's wedding pictures and thinking how cool the effects were, and thinking, wow mine are kinda dull. Well i'm going to show you some things i've done
After-the color is brighter, less grainy and more of a focus on Bryan and I instead of the background

Before-blah blah kissing picture

After-focused, nicely colored close up

One more. Before-

After-much softer and better coloring

After finding and playing around on the site for a bit, i've decided to go through the pics from our wedding I liked, doctor them up and replace some in our house. So if you have any pics that you think could use a little pick me up, click HERE

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2nd Annual Minniconois Christmas

Our second Christmas as a married couple has come and gone. So here are a few pics of our trip, we didn't take many but here they are. Our official Christmas Picture. Riddle and the other cats were having no part of it so we only took one with them and it wasn't very good. My family used to have a tradition of getting new jammies and we decided to to keep that tradition going in our little family, so here are our new jammies for 2008.

As we were packing to leave, Riddle seemed to know what was going on and hopped in my luggage. I totally would have taken them if we weren't going to be in a car for 24 hours. The only bad part about a 2 week vacation is leaving my babies.Christmas in Antioch, IL. Bryan's dad is very big into trains, they are his only real indulgence. So 2 days before Christmas they decided to set up the track around the house and get it going. I also just like Bryan's butt : )

We got Bryan's dad a digital photo frame for Christmas. You can read about the day we got it HERE, thank goodness he liked it. Our Nephew Aaron opening up his presents. He got a Leapfrog reading thingy, where you put a pen on the page and it reads it. He got a book called Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise, Hilarous book. I read it to everyone.

My Christmas stocking at the Watsons. They like to make fun of my because i'm kinda prissy, I hate camping, I won't touch fish, I get cold really easily, the list could go on and on. So a stocking with a heel and the title Princess works great for me.

Davidson Christmas, we took a total of 4 pictures while in Minnesota, we suck. Well Spenser is back this year and since he doesn't have his own family yet, he gets one all by himself. Poor single spenser. If you find him attractive let me know and I will try and hook you up.

Dugan, Angie and McKenzie; Coryn couldn't come this year so we didn't even get to see her. The whole Davidson FamDamily. So that's it. We didn't do anything extraordinary for the holidays, basically just relaxed and hung out with family, it was very nice. In fact I got sick on New Year's Eve so we spent that on the couch watching TV (my stomach and spicy chinese food don't get along very well, I have to keep them seperated).

So I hope everyone had a happy holiday, we certainly did.