Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Eve

So tomorrow is Halloween!!! I don't post on the weekends, because..well...i'm not at work getting paid to do it, i'm just kidding.

So I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween and I hope you all post pictures of your costumes so I can blogstalk you on Monday and see what you were.

Bryan and I will be heading to a Murder Mystery on Saturday where we will be a rich couple on a ship at tbe beginning of World War I. Let me tell you, they don't make those kinds of dresses for pregnant women, so I will be doing some slight improvising. I will take pics and post them next week.

Happy Halloween Everyone

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today my friend Emily (the one who has not induleged in Jimmy John's) and I were chatting on office communicator and I told her a quick story about something that had to do with pregnancy and these are the words typed from her mind

"You are my birth control"

I have never felt so special in my life

Aww, i'm special

Nothing makes you feel quite as special as getting out of the shower, only to find one cat perched on the toilet and the other sitting upright on the floor, waiting for you to get out so you can love them.

I love waking up to find our cats sitting at our door, coming home to find them waiting at the window, or their sad little faces when they realize we are kicking them out for the night. You just feel so needed and loved, well that and they are obligated to love us since we clean out their poop box and feed them : )

This is what I used to wake up too, 3 cats using my legs as pillows. I would try and roll over and didn't understand why I couldn't, well this is why. Aren't they soo fat and cute : )

Friday, October 23, 2009

I worship a false Idol

And that false idol is Jimmy John's Sandwich!! Every time I go I get the #16 (Turkey and Bacon) and substitute a pickle for my chips in the combo. Oh my gosh, if there was a religion based on Jimmy John's I might seriously consider going....after the 3 hour block at my church of course. If you have not eaten at at the worshipful, yummytastic place known as Jimmy John's I suggest you take a visit there tonight or tomorrow. I know my friend Emily has never been there and i've decided we can't be friends again until she has partaken in it's nummy nummy goodness.
I also discovered today that if I send them a comment on their site, they send me a coupon for a free sandwich!!! Thank you oh mighty sandwich shop!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

typical preggo convo

"So I think that we should leave for home in the early afternoon on the.....STOP KICKING MOMMY IN THE BLADDER...17th so we can drive until like 11 and stay somewhere in Nebraska that night"

I thought Bryan was going to die from laughing. This little guy likes to use mommy's bladder as a punching bag, I don't know maybe he likes the sound of swishing water.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a huge let down

So Bryan and I went to see Where the Wild Things Are on Friday. I have been excited about this movie since I first saw a trailer, so let me tell you just how dissappointed I was when it was horrible.

First, let me say I loved the creatures, how they moved and how well they were animated. But that's just about it. I found them too scary for children, I actually had nightmares about them later that night. A little girl sitting next to us in the theatre started crying during one of the scenes.

This movie is based on a book that every child has read, ever child knows and loves; yet the movie is not for children. You should come to love the creatures, but the truth is you never fully trust them. I was always waiting for a certain wild thing to eat Max, like they did the previous king (which by the way, showing the bones of the previous king was just messed up).

So you'd think the movie is for adults, heck no. I was bored out of my mind, waiting for the story to go somewhere. Waiting for some huge life lesson or plot twist, but nope. It ended unresolved and left me completely unsatisfied.

I was so sad because the movie had so much potential, the trailers looked so good. So on my out of 4 star rating, I would give it a 1 1/2, simply because the monsters looked cool.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cat Attack 2009

So first, let me say it wasn't really an attack, just a scared cat. OK now on with the story.

Every morning when Bryan and I wake up we let the cats into the bedroom. Bryan heads off to take a shower and I head to the master bathroom, and the cats follow. They never follow Bryan, just me. I have my own little kitty entourage.

As i'm getting ready Lupin (gray fluffy) plops himself on the toilet tank and whines till I pet him, which I do while brushing my teeth. Riddle (fat black) flops down on the floor so I can scratch his belly with my feet while I do everything else. Tonks (tail less wonder) sits outside the door cause he's afraid of the sound of water and blow dryer.

So anyway, this morning as I finish washing my face, I reach over the top of Lupin's head to grab a towel and dry off. Well as i'm pulling on the towel, the towel rack pulls off the wall, falls right on Lupin scaring him half to death. This resulted in him bolting around the bathroom looking for an escape, in turn scaring the crap out of Riddle who, after banging into the wall a few times ran screaming out of the bathroom.

Unfortunately for me during this, I had 2 freaked out and pissed off cats running around and ripping apart my right foot.

I tried to calm down the cats and dry my face when I looked down with my blurry vision (no contacts in yet and glasses were off because of before mentioned face washing) and saw a giant pool of blood appearing on the floor and my foot. However, instead of stopping the bleeding, I first decided to finish drying my face and put on my glasses. Then I got a look at it.

This is an after shot, as in after I banged on the wall until Bryan got out of the shower. You see being 5 months pregnant hinders your ability to bend over and touch your toes. I can do it, but it usually results in a swift kick to the bladder by a pissed off baby. By the time Bryan got in half my foot was covered in blood. So Bryan pulled out the Iodine, yes iodine apparently we have not progressed past the 1980's, and poured it on my foot to clean it out and stop the bleeding.

Now i'll tell you, it still hurts like a martha focker and I have a fun bruise because apparently my cats are so fat that they can cause a bruise by merely jumping on my foot, but it was totally worth it to 1)see my cats freak out like that, good times and 2)watch Bryan run in dripping wet, barely holding a towel trying to figure out why his wife's foot is falling off. Ah, the precious moments.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


So first off i'm sick, which means i'm tired, which means i'm generally cranky. gurgle.
The worst part about this is, even though i'm dead tired, I can't sleep. Why you ask? Because I have a human growing in my stomach who makes it difficult to find a comfy position.
I'm a tummy/back sleeper. Always have been. But when your prego your supposed to sleep on your sides, basically I will either squish or kill the baby the other ways. So I found this tummy/side hybrid position, that worked until yesterday when lil W decided he wasn't going to have any of that and decided to kick mommy dearest until I finally relented and moved.
So that means I have to sleep on my sides, which i'm not used to, plus I weigh about 10 pounds more right above my hips so my body is funky. This results in horrible jutting pain in my hips that wakes me up after about 30 minutes.
I tried so hard to find a comfy position that I ended up taking over a good portion of Bryan's side of the bed. At one point he thought it would be sweet to cuddle...hahahaha...well, when your hips hurt and you can't sleep in the position you want that's not going to happen. So instead it resulted in my accidently kneeing him in the crotch.
I need to go buy one of those pregnancy pillows, or horse tranqualizers, I think my Dr could prescribe those for me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Belly

You will notice that i'm wearing the same thing in all the pictures, and yes I did do that on purpose. I want to see how far I can stretch it and see the difference in my body with the same outfit.

So here are the last few week: 18 Weeks, 20 Weeks

21 Weeks

My bladder and me

So a lot of women talk about the issue of your bladder shrinking when you're pregnant. They talk about having to go to the bathroom 20 times a day and 10 in the middle of the night.
Well, for people who know me well, you know that my bladder was already a modern miracle in its petite size. So being pregnant has just been super. So here are 3 fun filled baby/bladder facts about my pregnancy : ) (I can already tell you are super excited)

1)My baby knows exactly where my bladder is. Let me tell you there is nothing like sitting at your desk, writting a press release when suddenly you have something punch you from the inside, and there is a split second where you think you are going to wet yourself. It's true. I have decided the first thing i'm going to do when this baby is born is hug and kiss him, take a picture and then spank him for kicking mommy in the bladder at work.

2)I lost count of how many times I peed yesterday. I honestly tried to keep count and lost track after 15. Dead serious. We are buying toilet paper like crazy.

3) No one warned me of the threat of accidents when I sneeze. I had to leave church after 2nd hour yesterday because i've been sick. So I get home and i'm about to turn on the TV when I feel a sneeze, wait for it...wait for it...out if comes, along with a little something else. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I have officially lost bladder control, laughing too hard is dangerous. Sneezing must be done with caution. And don't even think about pushing to hard to pass gas (yes I just wrote that, i'm sorry if you're offended but this is just how I am)

So, now that a few people who are reading this are deciding to never visit my blog again, I hope the rest of you enjoyed my overly descriptive narration on my bladder and it's turmoil during pregnancy.

Friday, October 9, 2009


They gave the freaking Nobel Peace Prize to Obama???? Why??? What has he done to deserve that? He has only been in office 9 months, and was only in office for 2 weeks when nominations took place. I honestly don't understand? Politics aside, honestly, what the crap has he done besides cause more of a rift in this country, put his own country into more debt, and suggest a completely ridiculous health care plan?
I lost any respect that I may have had left for the Nobel Organization (that's not much after they gave Al Gore one)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My child will be a Packers Fan

and the name Brett Favre will never be uttered in his presence, because i'm still mad at him.
Yesterday we received our first baby gift from Bryan's mom, a little Packers outfit. It was so adorable I tried to put it on my belly and imagine baby wearing it, yeah that didn't work, tummy not big enough yet.
So like I said our child will be a Packers fan, that's not an option. He will also do the following:
-scorn Brett Favre's name FOREVER
-Be a U of U fan
-Never ever even consider attending BYU, unless he wants to make his mother cry
-Play football
-never wear jeans tighter than his sisters
-kiss his mother goodbye when he gets out of a car at school, even when he's 15 years old and super embarassed about it. Because, dang it, i'm going to have to give birth to you in 20 weeks i'm scared out of my freaking mind

those are pretty much the basics. Everything else he does will just be a bonus : )

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Childhood Fears

So the other day I was reading dooce and she was talking about fears she had as a child. That made me think of stupid things I was afraid of as a child, when this one popped into my head.

So when I was a kid I LOVED to swim, I could swim for hours floating around pretending I was Ariel from Little Mermaid (every little girl did it). Now, I could swim for hours, as long as there was someone else there. As soon as everyone else got out, I had to stay in the shallow end. Not because my mom was afraid I would drown or that I was too young. No this was self imposed. You see, I knew that as soon as I swam into the deep end all by myself that the evil shark that lived in the grate at the bottem of the pool would suddenly jet out, grab my little make believe mermaid legs and drag me back down into the underwater cave below the grate and eat me. He was willing to wait there till I was stupidly swimming all alone.

Honestly, to this day if i'm still in a pool by myself I look at those grates and I swim away from them.

Stupid I know, no shark could fit down there. Sharks can't live in chlorine. Sharks couldn't swim through those grates if their lives depended on it.

Still, when you're a kid, you're afraid of things that don't make sense. Things that as adult you look back and think "stupid kid". Was anyone else afraid of something so silly? Or was anyone else afraid of the shark in the grate at the bottem of the pool? I know my friend Marianne was, so at least i'm not alone : )

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Molly's attempt at creativity=Give Away

OK, so i'm good at scrapbooking, but that's about it. At least I think so. Well the other day I was flipping through a magazie and saw these cute jars, they were for Halloween. You wrap paper around them, add some ribbon and fill them with candy. Well rather than make them for Halloween (i'll do that later) I decided to make some for the Baby's room. No idea what i'm putting in them, but at least they are cute.

When we have decided on a name I will add a big letter to each one so it spells out his initials.

I also decided to make this a give away. Just to test if anyone reads this. So the first 2 people to comment and tell me what colors/theme they want, I will make them a set of 3 jars and fill them with candy.

PS-these are the colors in the baby's room, just in case someone wanted to buy something to match : )

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm wearing Uggs behind this desk

So if you don't live in Utah, you should know that apparently God decided to hit the Winter switch and it dropped over 40 degrees in a 24 hour period. Tuesday it was nice and 85 and then Wed was cold and 40 something.

Well the drastic change has also caused my body to hit the Cold Switch. Meaning i've got a slight cough (do you know how painful it is to have a slight cough when your pregnant, I think my uterus might detach itself with every hack), my nose is stuffy and I have those everyday cold symptoms.
So that means that today, I dressed for work like normal, dress, jewelry, grabbed heels; but then I decided to take some extras. I actually wore my Uggs to work, walked across Temple Square and into the JSMB in a dress, Uggs, and a zip up fleece sweater just in case. I don't want to take any chances of catching a cold, so all day today I will be sitting behind my desk with my boots on and huddled up in my sweater drinking hot chocolate. If you give me a heated blanket I will be in heaven.

That is the sexy view under my desk. Man i'm hot.

PS baby has been kicking me the entire time i've been trying to type, so apparently he wants to say "Hi". So please except this hello from Baby Watson.