Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It fit 2 months ago?!?!

OK, so yesterday I wrote about how my Sister in Law got married. This made me think about my own wedding, and some of the not so Happily Ever After moments....
Let's start with, my dress not fitting the night before my wedding. Well I ordered my dress in Feb 2007 and it arrived at the very end of March, a lot faster than expected. I did a fitting and though it was tight (I kept telling myself I would lose 5 pounds, every girl does) it fit fine. So for the next 2 months, I stared at it, hanging on the back of my door in it's pretty little bag and thinking about how good it would look and how Bryan would cry at the sight of me (He didn't by the way, weirdly enough neither of us cried our wedding day) So I would try it on every once in a while, but usually by myself in my room while spinning around like a little girl. So the dress was never done up with the zipper, so I didn't realize how tight it had gotten. Well in this 2 month hiatus of me not trying on my dress, I did something most good little mormon girls do, I went on the pill. For any of you who have done this, you know that certain things start to get bigger (along with being ridiculously, cry my eyes out emotional. I'm sre there were times that Bryan questioned marrying me because of those bleeping pills).
So finally it's the night before the wedding, and my 2 best friends Brooke and Jill are staying in a bed and breakfast with me in Nauvoo. We had just gone out to dinner and are back in the room talking when I have the idea to show them what my dress looks like. So I strip down and they put the dress over my head, and they try to zip me up. Notice the word TRY...I have Jill on her knees trying to pull my under garments down and hold them tight, plus trying to pull the 2 sides together so that Brooke can try and pull the zipper up. Poor Jill's head is stuck between my larger than normal bum that i'm trying to suck in, and Brooke's bossom that is breathing heavy because of all the work of trying to get me in the dress. They both start to think this is funny and start to laugh while getting me in, that's when I break down and start to cry. It's the night before my wedding, i'm in the middle of no where Illinois, what the (insert explitive here) am I going to do.
So I call Bryan and tell him that I can't fit into my dress and to pray that I somehow miraculously loose 5 lbs. over night, and Brooke Jill and I all saying silent constant prayers that it works in the morning.
So the next morning I nervously walk to the temple, get into the Bride's Room with my mom, sister in law, Jill and her mom Char, and we all start the task of getting me into the dress. This time around, it only took about 5 minutes to get me in. I couldn't breath or sit down for more than 5 minutes at a time but it eventually fit.
So for all you married women who had a perfect day with nothing wrong. Count yourselves lucky, because some of us got slightly chunky and almost didn't fit into our wedding dress.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Mormon Weddings!!!

Yay for people getting married!! Except that everyone seems to get married in the 3 months of summer. I wish more people would get married during the fall, it's soooo much prettier in the fall. I wish I would have but I got engaged in January and was not willing to wait 8-9 months to get married, i'm just not that patient.

Well anyway, this past weekend, Bryan's sister Heather got married in the Logan temple to Drew Baldwin. It was a nice day, except that it started at 5 AM!!!!!! We didn't even think about reserving a hotel in Logan, thought it would be open, well I also didn't remember that school started this week. So all the little freshman getting dropped off by their parents are staying in hotels. So Bryan and I, plus his brother and sister and our nephew all stayed in the Howard Johnson in Brigham City. And ohh my gosh was it ghetto!!!! We didn't get to sleep that night until about 11 and then had to wake up, pack and check out of the hotel by 5:45 and be in Logan by a little after 6. I then did Heather's hair and make up and had her out of the apartment by a little after 8. That gave me about 30 min to get ready, dress, make up, hair, oh and shave my legs...I only do that on special occasions.

Then off to the temple, watch the sealing. It's always nice to be a part of other people's sealings. Why? Because I have no idea what was said at mine, this time I can pay attention. I honestly have no clue what our sealer said. I'm sure it was profound and deep, but all I could think about was "Oh my gosh, I can't breath in my dress" "Is there no air conditioner in the Nauvoo Temple" "Holy crap i'm going to have SEX tonight!!" You know you were all thinking it. So it's nice to hear what others say. So afterwards we took pictures. Good times. Below are a couple pictures.

Bryan and I waiting for our turn to take pics. You may notice I chopped a bunch of my hair off and dyed it blonde.

Our neices Lizzie and Jess, Sister and brother in law Heidi and Shane. Notice that the bouquet is bigger than Lizzie. She's soo flipping cute.

I love this picture. If you travel from left to right we get more and more disorganized. And Heidi looks like she is talking to her tummy.

Now, most of us are ready, well except Drew who looks cranky. These are all the Watson children. Holly Eaton, Allen, Heather & Drew Baldwin, me and Bryan, Heidi & Shane Rees.

Close, but now Heather looks confused by her bouquet.

Uncle Bryan and Lizzie. He will be the cutest dad, I can't wait. Plus he's hot, so hopefully that passes on to our kids.

So yay for weddings. I wish I could go back and do mine again. I wouldn't change anything, except maybe paying a little more attention, OH and the photographer would be different. Our photographer sucked, very few cute pics at the temple. Boo him.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dear Zits

Dear Zits,

It's time we have a little discussion.

When I was 13, 14 and all the way till I was 18, I didn't mind you so much. I figured that you were a part of my maturing process. I looked around and saw that 90% of my friends had you and so I thought that you were OK. I gave you everything you wanted, I ate greasy foods, I was oily, and I lived in one of the more humid parts of the country so you could breed.

I did all of this with the hope that we would come to an understanding. I always had faith that some day, in my early 20's and definately by the time that I got married, that you would leave and find another 13 year old to live with. I never thought, back in those good old teenage years, that you would still be with me through college, that you would pop up on my lower lip the morning of my wedding, that you would come on my cruise with me, and more importantly that you would try and embarass me in front of my husband every morning. I didn't think that I would still be investing money in concealors and even more money on face washes. Well apparently I was naive. I didn't realize that this was war. That you intend to embarass me for years to come and without a doubt will appear every time I go to visit my mom, have to be in a wedding party, am taking a family photo, or have to do a big presentation for a client.

So for now it appears that we will agree to disagree. I will continue to try and end your existance and you will continue to embarass me everyday for the rest of my blemish filled life.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Year!!!

No it's not our anniversary. Silly people, and shame on you for not knowing that was back in May.

It has been one year since the day Bryan almost chopped his finger off. I can hear you all collectively saying "How did Bryan almost chop his finger off?" Well...let me tell you the story.

In August of last year, Bryan was working for a custom cabinet shop as a production manager. He was in the process of moving a cabinett and a shelf fell out and slammed into his thumb. The corner went straight to his bone and he had a nice check marked cut right on his thumb. Be prepared there is an Icky Picture below

I know it's just a thumb but it was a huge deal. Bryan lost a lot of blood and could not use his left hand for almost a month. He could barely bend his thumb and had to go to Physical Therapy for about 2 months. He ended up leaving that job because he enjoys all his appendages and intends on keeping them.

So here's to my husband and going one year without stitches and another year of keeping all of his fingers!!! Yay!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Olympics are here!!!!

The Olympics are here! The Olympics are here!! I'm so excited. Imagine the smile on a child's face on christmas morning when they unwrap their brand new bike....well that is me during the Olympics opening ceremonies. I sat on our couch, wrapped in a blanket and watched all 4 hours of the ceremony. Soo excited.

Now I know that some people have a problem with China and their government and so they are boycotting watching the games. Well here is what I have to say to that...first off, they are already going, there is no stopping them now so you might as well enjoy and support our team. Second, you missed one heck of a show. Those Chinese sure know how to put on an Opening Ceremony. From the very beginning, the drummers were just amazing and so in sync. If I were Chinese I would be very proud of what they accomplished. So in short, suck it up and watch.

Why are the Olympics so great? I can't even imagine the opportunity to be able to represent your country, while the whole world watches. Especially to represent the United States. In the entire history of the Modern Games, we almost double the amount of medals won by the next closest country. We are the undisputed champions when it comes to sports, and it's something to be proud of. You may not know this about me and Bryan but we are extremely patriotic. Nothing annoys me more than people who whine and complain about what a horrible country we live in. The fact that you have the right to whine and complain and bad mouth your President and not be arrested for it, shows just how great a country we do live in. You have the freedom to say, think, preach, and practice whatever you chose and i'm grateful for that. The Olympics simply reminds me of this and brings out my patriotism.


So for the next 2 weeks, i'm going to sit in front of my TV and cheer on Team USA, and I hope you all do it as well.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I HATE Bella!!!

OK, so i'm about half way through Breaking Dawn, the 4th book in the Twilight Series. So first off, don't ruin it for me. Actually I already did that to myself by reading the last page. I know i'm horrible. Well anyway, so i'm reading in bed last night and I came to a conclusion. I HATE BELLA. I think she is a horrible heroine, boring, selfish, helpless, a complete waste of skin, and retarded.

She thinks that she is thinking of other people, but it usually ends up hurting these other people. When Edward left in New Moon, it was like she was dying, oh my gosh, get over it. She whines about getting brand new close and fancy Asten Martin cars and a boyfriend who is willing to pay for her to go to Darmouth. Seriously I want to kick her. That's every girls dream!!!!!! And for some reason Edward is in love with this complete waste of life.

OK now that i've got that off my chest, i'm good. Don't take this as a commentary on the book. I love everything else about Twilight, plan on seeing the movie at midnight when it comes out; I just hate Bella. She still has about 300 pages to redeem herself, but that's nearly impossible at this point. Anybody else annoyed by her and think that Edward should love them instead?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Impromptu Vacation

So this past weekend, Bryan and I had previously decided to run up to Idaho and visit his grandparents and Greg and Whitney in Rexburg. Well on Fri, Greg informs us that they are going to Yellowstone the next day and we are welcome to join them. Completely unexpected, but sounds good. I have never been to Yellowstone(weird I know, but i'm really not an outdoorsy person, soryy) and Bryan has not been in a couple years. So we hop in the car on Fri, drive to Blackfoot and stay with grandma and then decide to head up to Yellowstone midday on Sat.

First off, that's a lot of driving, and if anyone knows me and my bladder, that's never a good thing. Plus my new car does not have cruise don't realize what a luxury it is until you actually have to keep your foot on the gas the entire time. Or i'm just lazy and prefer to have my car do all the work for me.

So we get to West Yellowstone, despite Greg's swervy driving, and find out that it's not a cheap city. Not cheap at all, plus the people kinda smell. I understand that your in the "wilderness" but come on people, at least wash yourself in the river!!! So we decide to go into the park and wander around. Saw some gysers and some Elk, but no bears, which was sad, and we saw Old Faithful. Well we visited Old Faithful, didnt' really see it do anything. We arrived to late to see anything and were not willing to wait around for another hour and a half before it went off again. Everyone says it's exciting but I just don't see how exciting a bunch of water spitting out of a hole can be. Well below are a couple of the pictures from our adventure. This is Bryan pretending he doesn't know me. Thanks Honey!!

We found this cool dead tree. In this picture: Taylor, Greg, Bryan, Janica, Whitney and Me

So it was supposed to look like he was holding the water...we aren't cool enough to get that to work : )

We may not have seen it spout water, but we did see it, I even took a picture for proof

This is what Old Faithful looks like when it's not doing anything interesting or cool

MMM, the smell of Sulfer in the air

This particular pool was a hat eater. We counted quite a few hats that have been sucked to the bottom. Heck I almost wanted to jump in, something that pretty can't be THAT dangerous

Bryan touching the water and Bacteria, despite the sign that specifically says DON'T TOUCH THE BACTERIA!!

Putting our feet in the perfect water. Hot water from the thermal pools mixed with the cold water and made it perfect, if I could have stipped down and sat in the water all day, I would have. However, I think nudity is illegal in a National Park

Since we are too poor to afford a $400 bear for our living room, we take pictures instead. Those are free : )The Bear Chair. I want to take it home, except the square footage of the bear is equal to that of my apartment.

So overall it was a good trip. I am more than willing to return to Yellowstone, especially now that I know I don't have to sleep on the ground. I don't believe in camping, i'm sorry. I'm not working my butt off at work everyday to pretend i'm homeless for a couple days and go potty on a tree, i'm just not going to do it. So now I know there are hotels and that makes me happy. The only thing that could have made it better was a Target.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Crazy Cat People

OK, so I have talked before about my super gay kitties. well this past week, they have even topped themselves. First off, understand that these are 2 kitties, only about a year old and they are cooped up, all day long in a tiny 700 sq foot apartment. Well we have noticed, that any time we open a window (one of the 2 we have in our dinky apartment) they come running. They love looking outside, and you can almost see the dreaming in their eyes...the two of them, frolicking in the grass towards each other until they embrace and roll around in the dirt together.

Well we felt bad that they never get to go outside, so we decided to buy them harnesses. First off they don't make harnesses for cats, so ours were made for a dog the size of a Dachsund. Then we got home and put them on the kitties. Well Riddle (Black one) did not like that and thought if he rolled around on the ground enough and rammed into the wall a couple times that it would magically break off. That obviously did not happen. Then we opened the door to the great outdoors. They freaked, it was like they had just left the space shuttle and were about to float off into the universe. We had to pick them up and carry them out to the lawn and drop them there. They layed flat on the ground, as if worrying they might fly away and started to hyperventilate. What made this even more fun, was the neighbors. People are walking on our sidewalk all the time, and at least 6 people, stopped to stare at the crazy couple who walked their cats. We got asked if they were cats ( no they are a new breed of dog that was bred to look like a fluffy fat cat) and some people straight up pointed and starred. So we are no officially the stupid cat walking couple.

Here are the kitties investigating the green carpet

Their first actual steps outdoors

Bryan, trying to "walk" the cats

I need to make a point of saying that you don't actually "walk" cats. You drag them. We tried to get them to follow us and they would not have any part of that, we tried to get them to play, ohh heck no. They stared at us as though we had just punished them. And then when Riddle decided to try and walk around, he walked right into the little river in the yard, so needless to say the cats were not happy with us afterwards.

Since the first experience, we have taken the cats out every day, even just for a couple minutes. Last night Lupin decided to climb some stairs and he actually moved from his own free will. We are making progress. We may not be going on runs with our cats anytime soon, but at least we are getting them outside.