Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Awkward Moments From Yesterday

Awkward #1
So everyday I have the pleasure of walking through Temple Square, multiple times. And every Tues through Friday I get to see people taking wedding pictures. Now I understand that up to 30 couples get married there a day, and that you can only do soo many original pictures, that people are running out of ideas. But this was ridiculous. I couldn't explains so I drew you a picture instead.

Yes, he was down on his knees, she was standing up with her foot on his upper leg and he had both his hands on her thigh!!! The best part was when the photographer said "now look at each other sexily" OH MY GOSH!!! I was trying not to laugh at them on the spot. That would have been rude. So instead I make fun of them on my blog.

I really do understand that everyone wants to be original when taking pics at the Salt Lake temple, but honestly everyone gets married there, so just stick with what works and don't try anything to crazy, especially cause now you know people like me are walking by and judging you. (by the way, I don't mean anything bad by saying, everyone gets married there. If my parents hadn't been married there and then 14 years later divorced I might have considered it too)

Awkward #2

Watching a child start drinking out of the reflecting pond for a good minute while the parents are talking to some friends. This kid seriously had his entire face stuck in that water and was drinking like he would shrivel up if he didn't drink it all right then and there. Then he would take his head our for a minute to get a breath and dive back in. Finally the Mom noticed what was going on, but did she run over and pull him out, ohh goodness no. Instead she just yelled "Peyton, stop that" in a nice polite voice, like the kid is actually going to listen. So finally after about a minute of politely asking, the Dad gets annoyed and pulls the kid out. At that point, Peyton starts to scream and tries to run back to the water. The mom came over and tried to console the child but instead he kicked at her and ran back. At that point I was trying so hard not to laugh I moved on.

Can I just say I have 2 huge pet peeves about parenting. 1)parents that threaten and never follow through, i'm sorry but your kid is going to walk all over you and i'm not going to feel bad about it. and 2) parents that think politely asking your child to stop eating that piece of dog poo they just picked off the ground is going to work. Ohh my goodness, you yell no, run and grab it away from the child and then explain to them with a stern voice that that is disgusting and they should never do it again. Honestly, politeness doesn't work when your a parent.

Awkward #3

this isn't as funny. So I was walking from my car to the grocery store after work yesterday, which was extremely windy. I'm trying to keep my skirt down (you have to wear a skirt everyday when you work for the church) and was pretty unsuccessful. Finally a big gust of wind swoops in and...oops there goes my skirt, flashing my goods to everyone. Luckily people tried to not notice that they just saw what I wear under my clothes, but I know they were all laughing at me in their heads. Heck, that's what I would have done.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Premier Week Part 2

Wow, what a freaking let down. Honestly I was not impressed by anything. In fact in some cases I didn't watch premiers but instead chose to watch shows that had already been running like Biggest Loser, Glee and So You Think You Can Dance.
Even the Grey's season premier, not that great, I expected a lot more.
So this week people are allowed to call again because apparently there is nothing worth watching on TV anymore. TV you have let me down, i'm pulling the mom card and i'm going to say it

"I'm dissappointed in you"

It's a Boy, or a very sexually confused girl

So in case you hadn't heard already, Bryan and I found out last Wednesday that we are having a baby boy.

We are extremely excited. However, at the time, we were so ready to get away from the Ultrasound that we kinda didn't care.
First off, no one told me I didn't have to drink water during this ultrasound, I previously had to drink 32 ounces of water before hand. So during the entire thing I was seriously worried about peeing on the technician. Then the first lady ( I say first because there were 3 different people poking me) started at the head and took her sweet time working her way down, showing us every little bone and organ. Which is nice, don't get me wrong, but we specifically told her we wanted to know the sex, and I have to pee. So after 30 minutes she casually says " and so I guess I think it's a boy, everytime he moves his legs there is a little shadow, I can't tell for sure but I think it's a boy"
Umm, can you say anti climatic!!! I was kind of annoyed, no big hurrah or light show, she didn't even look at us or show us when she said it. Boo. So then she has to run off so she hands it to another "Dr" aka med student who apparently feels it's inappropriate to talk at all during his poking and proding. So instead he stares at the babies head for 15 minutes trying to take measurements. During all this the baby is jumping around, kicking, punching and apparently putting on some in utero performance.
Finally the real Dr. comes in and takes over, at this point I am allowed to relieve myself, thanx to some warning that I seriously will wet myself. At this point he starts jiggeling the baby around trying to get him to spread his little legs, and another 15-20 minutes later....ta da!!!! Right there for all of us to see is his little manhood. At this point he says "yup, you are definately having a boy" at which point I joke "or a very screwed up little girl" I laugh, Bryan laughs, the Dr looks at me with this pitty in his eyes for our future son.

Here is Baby Watson. Now, we have a problem. We have NO idea what to name him and are more then open to suggestions. Keep in mind the kid is already screwed with Bryan and I for parents so let's not make it worst with names like Morton or Harry. Also, we finally registered at Target, just to let you know : )

Monday, September 21, 2009

Premier Week!!!

Oh sweet fall!!! There are many things I love about, Halloween, sweaters, the smell of apple cider, but one of the best is the return of my good friend TV!!

In the spring I was left feeling abandoned by my good friend, he only told me partial stories and left me hanging there for 4 months!!!

So during the glorious holiday known as Premier Week I will literally sit on my butt every night from 7-10 PM. If you try to call me between these hours I will deliberatly ignore your call. I will be cooking dinners that can be eaten at the coffee table and cleaned up during commercial breaks, maybe, sometimes 2 good shows are on at the same time so I flip during commercials. So dinners may consist of take out : )

So tonight I will be sitting on my butt watching this:

And on Thursday I will be crying and watching this:

and all the fun new shows in between. This is the week where decisions are made, who will I watch/Tivo the rest of the year? Will I give you a second chance and try again next week? Are you worth my 30 min-1 hour a week?

I hope you all have a happy Premier Week and remember don't call me betwen 7-10, serious, I will ignore you!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Joys of Pregnancy?

So now that i'm 17 weeks along, I feel I can impart some of the joys and not so joyous parts of pregnancy. First off, let's begin with the story of what happened within the first 2 weeks of us finding out we were pregnant.
Friday-Found out we were Pregnant=happy day
Monday-had some fun cramps, call to make appointment, tells me cramps=bad and I need to have blood tests
Tues-blood test #1=Molly crying and freaking out
Wed-Informed my hormone count is low, i'm going to have a miscarriage, but just in case they want more blood tomorrow. Also find out i'm RH negative, which means I get to have a shot (basically this means that my blood thinks the baby is a disease or tumor and will try to kill it unless I get the shot)
Thurs-Blood test #2, plus shot in the BUTT!!! Yup, not the arm, the butt and holy crap did it hurt. Not going in but as soon as she started pushing that liquid in it did. For some reason I thanked her.
Fri-Hormones are up but your still going to miscarry, want more blood on Monday
Mon-Blood test #3, didn't cry had nice nurse who knew I was scared and talked to me the whole time
Tues-hormones are still going up, still going to miscarry but now we want to do an ultrasound
Thurs-Ultrasound, found baby with beating healthy heart it's only about 1/4 of an inch long
Fri-Nurse calls surprised they found the baby, told me to still prepare for miscarriage

So now, 11 weeks later I have still not had a miscarriage. I have had 2 Dr appointments since then where we saw another ultrasound of the baby and found a strong heartbeat. Honestly I was mad at them for putting me through it, I wanted to run back in and say hahahahahaha, but then I thought that would be bad luck. So after all that crap, then came the normal symptoms

Tired-first trimester I took naps at work, went to bed at 9 and would fall asleep while watching TV
Smells-if I smelt anything that I wasn't craving in that minute I would start to gag
Morning Sickness-I only threw up twice, which is more then i've thrown up in 10 years, but still not bad for being pregnant
Cravings-I ate Cafe Rio salads like they were going out of style, poor Bryan was going to kill me

Honestly it hasn't been that bad, especially compared to some people I know. I wouldn't call it joyous, but it's not terribly unpleasant. Now I just have to come to terms with the fact that sucking in my tummy isn't going to work anymore. Trust me i've been trying.

Speaking of babies...

If you hadn't heard already, i'm pregnant.
We found out on June 19th. The weeks leading up that day, I had been feeling ridiculously tired, all I did was sleep. Working was hard, cooking was hard, it sucked. We had been trying to get pregnant since Nov of 08 so I didn't want to get my hopes up that I was pregnant but I couldn't help it. After I was about 4 days late I decided it was time to find out the truth.
I told Bryan I was leaving work early because I was tired, I mentioned in passing that I would pick up a pregnancy test but luckily he wasn't paying that much attention : ) So I left at noon, ran to Wally World and picked up the test. Went home and procrastinated, not wanting to find out just in case it was a false alarm (by this time I had peed on countless sticks that were negative) and went to work cleaning the house.
Finally I had the urge to pee and did the deed. Went into the other room and sat and waited. Weirdly enough, I wasn't that nervous, a part of me already knew I was pregnant so when I picked up the stick and read a positive diagnosis, I just sat down and cried. We had been trying and praying for so long and it was finally going to happen.
Now came the task of figuring out how to tell Bryan. Some people try to do super creative stuff or wait until they can go buy something, I was so anxious that I wanted to call him on the phone, don't worry I didn't. So how did I do it?
Well, Bryan and I have a mac and recently had discovered it's type and speak feature. We had experimented with funny things, nothing quite like hearing a robotic brittish voice make a joke about a squirrels sexuality : ) We had had kind of a competition to see who could write the funniest thing. So I decided to let the computer tell him and then I would show him the stick.
So Bryan gets home from work...finally...and goes into the bedroom to change, I follow him with the comp and the stick in my pocket. I tell him I have something really freaking funny from the computer to tell him so I bring it over and hit enter (I had already written it out) and in a robotic man's voice is reads "Bryan, you are going to be a Daddy". Bryan stopped and looked at me funny, then said "what?" So I hit enter again. He got it this time and I pulled out the stick. After a couple minutes of jumping and crying we finally settled down enough to talk about it. When do we tell people? Who do we call first? Can you make a Dr. Appointment right now?
Bryan was soo excited he just kept rubbing my tummy and still does today (i'm now at 17 weeks)
You see, Bryan has ALWAYS wanted to be a dad, he always finds little kids or babies and holds and plays with them. As for me, I have always wanted to be a mom, that's really it. I never wanted to be a Dr or Astronaut or even a Princess, I wanted to be a Mommy and now I have that chance.
We are ecstatic and can't wait for Feb. 22nd to be here. We find out Next Wed, Sep 23rd, what we are having then comes the fun of picking out a name. Good times.
So wish us luck and keep us in your prayers, trust us, we need them : )


It's apparently baby season. In my family we have had 2 births and including extended family 4 pregnancy announcements.

So first off. Heidi (Bryan's Sister) gave birth to Wyatt Shane Rees on April 1st, i'm pretty sure sometime around 7 at night. Not sure on that one.

He is adorable, and we are soo happy that Shane and Heidi finally got a boy.

Next up, my brother Dugan and his wife Angie gave birth to Cayden Alexander Davidson on July 23rd, Angie only had to push for 5 minutes! Lucky. This is their second baby together, now they have a boy and a girl. Angie says their done, but i'm going to go ahead and bet no on that one. This is a picture of Kenzie and Cayden that Angie just sent me. So flipping cute, I want one. Luckily Kenzie is adjusting very well to not being the center of attention anymore.

Also, Bryan's other Sister Heather announced to us in August that they are due in the beginning of January. They found out about a month ago that they are having a boy and they already named him Aydin. I think that's how she wants it spelled. So many babies soo little time.

Holy Crap!!!

I suck! Really, March 3rd was my last post? Over 5 months. OK, well when you're unemployed for a portion of those, honestly you get so bored that you'd rather do nothing than something productive like blogging.
Well, I won't give EVERY update in this post. This one is about jobs. Like the fact that I have one. I have actually been employed since June 8th with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. First I got a job as a Producer's Assistant for Web Media in Audio Visual, sounds exciting doesn't it. It wasn't. I uploaded images, did a lot with Photoshop, and filled in over 8,000 cells worth of General Conference Metadata.
So you may have noticed I said first, I did. I don't work for the AV department anymore. They started a new rule that husbands and wives can't work in the same department, so since Bryan had been there longer I got the boot on Aug 31st. Lucky for me, I had done some work for the Public Affairs Department and they decided they would employ my pathetic self instead.
So now, I am an assistant to the Area Directors of Public Affiars. The Area Directors are in charge of PR around the world. So while some people just deal with KSL and Deseret News, I get to deal with Guana and Moscow. Pretty nice.
So yay for being employed. I must admit, my life was turning into something pathetic near the end of that 4 month stint. TV sucked, I think I had cleaned everything in our crap apartment, my Wii Fit was mad that I never let it sleep, and even the cats started looking at me funny.
So that is update Numero Uno. Enjoy the Rest : )