Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Purple Ant Butt

So first, let me begin by saying that my dad arrived safe here in Salt Lake. He actually just left this morning. It was nice having him here with us, but busy and exhausting. I'm used to having my parents on the other side of the country, so when they are here they tend to need entertaining. Every night we were going out to dinner or a movie, staying up till almost midnight talking, and it's not like I could take the entire week off, I still had to work. So here is our week with dad in review:

First when he got here we went straight to the theatre to see "The Dark Knight" and ohh my gosh it was amazing. Obviously Heath Ledger was good, we all know that; but what about Christian Bale. I could watch him all day, I was sad when he didn't do push ups with out his shirt on in this movie..well there is always next time. Than my dad came to church with us on Sunday in our family ward followed by going to dinner with my entire famdamily. I'm not very close to my Dad's side of the family and it's for good reason. The first thing my Grandma does when I walk in the door is yell at me for not coming to visit her more often, let's just say there is a reason I don't visit here, BECAUSE SHE YELLS!!!

Than Monday came along, I took a half day at work to hang out with my dad and Bryan. My dad took us shopping and bought us a nice Red Dresser for our room and than came with us to the South Towne Expo center where we had to Host our float for the parade. We are in the Murray Stake and had helped build the float for the Days of '47 Parade. Because our stake was so involved we got to do a lot of fun things for the Parade. On Monday the 21st we got to be hosts at the South Town Expo Center, where they were showing off all the floats for the parade and people got to vote on which was the best. Our float was 11 short of being the People's Choice and 10 short of being the Children's Choice. Below are some pics from the day at the Expo Center.

This is us in front of our kiosk. It was a bunch of Ants at a Picnic and "working together" they stole all the food.

This is my dad sitting in the float. He got to sit in the float during the show and move the ants heads back and forth.

Bryan taking his turn running the float.

This would be me visiting one of the other floats. This float was a depiction of Noah's Ark.GO UTES!!! And I love the drunk looking woman in the left hand corner.

This float was the Children's Hospital/Walmart, this one totally should have won the Children's Chose. Unfortunately i'm not a child and could not vote as one.

BOO to the Y!!!

After we were done with the judging we actually got to be in the parade. We had to wake up at 4:45 and be in downtown by 5:30, and why? So that we could dress up like ants and be judged for 15 minutes in our costumes. I got to dress up in a purple polyester Ant Suit, with a huge butt on it and this fun purple hat that had huge eyes on it. Bryan had to stand in a smoke stack and move the stack up and down for 3 miles of the parade. After we were judged that morning, we were interviewed by channel 13's Big Buddah!!! I was super excited because I watch it every morning. After that we had to wait around for 4 hours until our float finally got to move. So we took a couple more pics.

This is the back of our float. Our stake started designing it last summer and construction started in Feb.

This is us at about 7:15 in the morning. Do you like my super sexy hat? THis thing gave me the biggest headache after wearing it for 3 hours.

This is the whole effect. That big butt was super fun to waddle around for 3 miles. I also got to carry a giant piece of glittered cheese. I must say it was ridiculously hot outside, super sunny, I had sweat pouring down my back and blisters on my feet from dancing for an hour. But it was ridiculously fun. The kids think you are the coolest thing ever, they all want to hug you and give you high fives, all the parents want your picture with their kids and wave as you walk by. I got to shake my big purple butt in front of hundreds of people. The only sad part was that we didn't get to see ourselves on TV. I can't find it on KUTV and there are no videos anywhere. So if anyone taped the parade or was at the parde who saw us, let me know. Sorry this is so far after Pioneer Day, hope everyone had fun that day!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dad's Coming

So...Monday i'm sitting at work, facebook stalking as usual, when my dad calls. First off, let me say a call from my dad in the middle of a Monday is unusual. You see my dad does not believe in cell phones, he refused to own one. He hates to call from work because he's too busy, and he is never home because he is in plays and directs plays for the community. So he usually leaves at 6 in the morning, arrives home at 10 or 11 and calls once or twice a month to inform me that the cats have not eaten him or that he has not fallen down the stairs. So i'm a little confused as to why he is calling me. My first thought is 'did someone die' 'did he infact fall down the stairs and break a hip?'. So I answer and say hi, wonder what he's been up to. He then asks

"So...whatcha doing on Saturday"

"I don't know yet Dad. Why?"

"Well...I had an urge to come out and see you, so I will be there on Sat"

My dad lives in Wisconsin! And despite the fact that gas is over $4 a gallon, he got the "urge" to drive out to Utah. A 20 hour drive that he plans to drive straight through.

So first off, here is a picture of my dad, for those of you who have never met him. This picture pretty much sums him up. So as I mentioned before, my dad does not believe in Cell phones and does not plan on stopping anywhere to sleep. And if you have ever driven i-80 you know it's boring, long, and if something happens to you in the middle of Wyoming, your screwed!!!!

I told him if he does not arrive by Sat @6 that i'm having him pronounced dead and collecting the insurance money.So to sum it up...keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that my dad arrives safely. As nice as that insurance money would be, I might feel too guilty to spend it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Stalking

OK, so I am a self proclaimed Blog/Facebook Stalker. I will look at everyones Blog and everyones Facebook page, and then I will look at your friends and their friends and read their blogs; so even if I have never met you personally, I could probably tell you where you got married, if you have pets, and give you a personal judgement on your pictures. Well I am so entertained by reading others blogs that I have failed to keep up on my own. So first off, I need someone to tell me where they find all these super cute, super cool looking templates. Once I figure out how to make mine look cool, I will be much better at this. Also my comp apparantly has decided to rebel against uploading pictures, and we are in a fight, so I get to do that tomorrow on my work computer (that's right, I plan on getting paid while I blog). So Let's see where life has gone so far.
Since my last entry.....Bryan and I went to Rexburg for Bryan's Cousin's wedding. (Imagine a really cute wedding picture right here)
Greg got married to Whitney in the Boise Temple on April 11th. This was the first time we had met Whitney, but needless to say, she is too good for Greg : ) (Greg you know it's true) Since then we have hung out with the Jensens a couple times, and so far they are our favorite couple to date. Which brings up a weird tangent of mine. I thought you stopped dating when you got married, all you need is each other, it's over. WRONG! Then you have to find friends, couple friends, and not just any couple. The girls have to get along, the boys have to get along and they have to think your sometimes, slightly offensive jokes are funny and not get offended. Well soo far Greg and Whitney fit that description for us best. Thanks guys.
Next...Bryan and I celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary!!! Holy crap a year flies by fast. We went to Vegas where we saw Spamalot. Almost peed my pants at points. We also walked the strip, visited the temple, and drove down to California for a day. Good trip. And the best part, since we're on vacation, I get to spend more money than usual, so I bought a bunch of clothes. Yay!!!

Let's see, there was also a Bridal Shower. My best friend Rachel came home from her mission. My other best friend left me for Omaha ( lucky girl gets to go back to the Midwest, where they have this great thing called water) . Bryan's friend from the Mission got married on June 3rd, weirdly enough to a girl I knew because of my facebook stalking. We met her for dinner and I noticed that she looked familiar, well she was a girl I had seen in pictures on Facebook. Turns out she is really good friends with Jessica Slade and Lisa Western.

Well we have lots more coming up to blog about, so if I go more than a week without an update...beat me.
Events coming up
-My dad will be in town on Saturday
-mini trip to Rexburg/Blackfoot
-Heather Watson's wedding on Aug 23rd
-My little brother coming home from the Mission in October