Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone out there in Blog Land.

Tonight Bryan and I will be going to a Trunk and Treat for our ward and then off to a corn maze or haunted house, not sure yet. I hope everyone has a happy and safe halloween; and I hope to see pics of everyones costumes on their blogs.

Here is a pic of Bryan and me at a party last week, we are a couple from the 50's, we will take more pics and post them last this week.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pooping iPods

OK, so i'm sure that everyone has seen those iPod nano commercials where the nanos go flying through the air and line up like a rainbow and then....leak. Well the funny thing about this commercial is that it makes Bryan giggle like a 12 year old boy.
He thinks it looks like the iPods are pooping. In fact when you watch it the red one starts to leak first and then the others follow. Bryan starts laughing and giggeling and says things like "anal leakage"; further proof that guys never really grow up.
Next time you watch just keep that in mind.

Who doesn't love Disneyland?

For the whole, maybe 2 people that religiously read my blog, i'm sorry for not updating in a while. It's been a little busy. So let's dive right into it.

On Oct. 12th Bryan and I hoped into Bush (my Focus) and started the 10 hr dr. to So. Cal. We hung out with Bryan's family for 2 days and then we started the real trip. Tues Oct 14th, early in the morning we drove to the mission home and picked up Elder Davidson. I honestly can't believe that 2 years have passed since he left. In those 2 years, I have met and married Bryan, celebrated an anniversary and My other brother and his wife have had a little girl and she has also turned one. A lot happens in 2 years

The whole Famdamily and Elder Davidson. When Spenser left, 2 of these people weren't part of the family.

So when we pick up Spense we decide to drive around the prettier parts of his mission, by prettier I mean the parts up in the mountains. And can I just say that So. Cal, unless your on the ocean, is really really ugly, you could not pay me enough to live there. So we went up to Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake, it's beautiful up there and a little chilly.
Bryan and I in Lake Arrowhead. The minimum cost of a cottage up here $350,000

We don't get to take family pics very often, so when we do we take a lot.

All the kids trying to lift Spenser's fat behind.

After driving around for about 5 hours, we went to Medieval Knights; a restaurant where they do jousting and you have to eat with your hands. It was a....unique experience. The food wasn't great and the acting was bad, but it was entertaining none the less. Below are a couple pics
Ahh, Medieval Knights.

Then the best part. DISNEYLAND!!!!!! I have never really been (I went when I was like 2, but that doesn't count because I have no memories)

It was great, I loved it. The only down side, is it's sooo expensive. Bryan and I bought 2 hoodies and like 3 other little things and that came to almost $200. So overall it was awesome, we are planning on going back in March when we are there for our cousin Suzann'e wedding. So below are a couple of the pics from Disneyland.

Of all the rides and fun things to do, the boys wanted to play a basketball game in the arcade. They went to all the trouble of finding quarters and realized the game was out of order.

We were first in line to see Minnie, and then this spanish speaking family decided to budge us in line and take each individual kids pic with Minnie, gurgle. Well we finally got ours, and Minnie kept shushing us cause Kenzie was sleeping.Tower of terror, best flipping ride ever. We went twice because there was no line.

The Incredibles. For some reason, all dignity is thrown out the window when you meet the characters, it's like being 5 again.

OK, so this picture is great. You see Coryn mopping? We had to run the whole way to space mountain cause it might have closed. She was balling by the time we got there, screaming she didn't want to go on the ride. She stayed pissed the whole time and when she was done was telling us how much she enjoyed it...7 year olds.

You have to pose like a statue when in Disneyland. Notice Bryan in the background?

I love this picture. It's Bryan chasing Kenzie through California Adventure. He will be so cute with our kids.

And Kenzie showing Uncle Bryan where she wants to go next

And one more. This is actually after the park at Olive Garden. Kenzie had been a little backed up since they arrived in Cali and she was trying soo hard to poo and it just wan't working. She she would be coloring and suddenly make this face and concentrate really hard and you just knew she was trying to poo with all her might. A couple at the table behind us were pointing and laughing. Poor thing.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Now showing Molly Watson's life in Theatre #2

So my friend Jodi wrote a post a couple weeks ago with a list, well #4 on that list said that she narrates her life in her head. I thought that was funny because I do something very similar.

You see, I have always pictured Judgement day (when we all die and God is juding our lives) as a big movie premier. You sit in a theatre with people who played a big part in your lives and your life comes up on a big movie screen, and someone is up there pointing out the places that you made mistakes..ex. "you see Molly, right here you dropped the F-Bomb, that's a deduction of 10 points"
So because our life is a movie, I picture these little invisible cameras floating around me at all times. So rather than narrating my life in my head, I used to do it outloud, to the "cameras". When I would dance in front of my mirror in my bedroom, I would explain why I was doing it to the "camera" so that the people who are watching my life on judgement day don't think i'm crazy.
I still catch myself doing it every once in a while, usually while i'm driving. It's almost theraputic, at the end of my day i'm driving home and describing my day to imaginary cameras. You should all try it one day.
So does anyone else do anything crazy like that, or am I the only one?