Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I am MOST thankful for

There are 2 things in my life that I am most thankful for, an that will always top my thankful list.

1)The Gospel and the church in my life. There are a lot of bad things going on in this world right now, and a lot to be down about. Our church is being targeted by many and we as members of the church are being ridiculed and attacked; and yet, I have great joy in my life. I know, without a doubt, that no matter what happens in this life, in this country, in the world, that as long as I have the savior on my side, that everything will be OK. I know the church is true with every fiber of my being and I am more thankful than I could ever express in words.

2) My husband. I try my best everyday to tell and show Bryan how thankful I am for him in my life. When I was younger I had a list of all the things I wanted in a husband, the list was 4 pages long. I dated men that fit every characteristic of that list, and yet I was not happy. I met Bryan and realized that nothing on that list mattered unless he loved me more than anything on this earth, put me on a pedestal, and was a worthy priesthood holder. Bryan is not what I pictured marrying when I was little, and i'm thankful for that, because he is soo much more. He makes me feel like a queen everyday and lists off all the reasons he loves me now, and will continue to love me forever.
We have been married for a year and a half, and each day I learn more about him and love him more. Thank you Bryan for being my husband and my best friend.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bye Bye Blonde Part II

So I mentioned last Friday that I would be saying goodbye to my Blonde hair and trying something new. Well, the picture is below. It's a little dark right now, but will fade a little and I will lighten it until it is my natural color.

So, I am enjoying the difference, however, there is one thing that I am struggeling with that I need help on. I have no idea how to do make up for such dark hair, I need tips so that I don't have to wear bright red lips or wear lots of mascara.

So, I know a few people read my blog, they just never comment on anything : ( but if you are kind enough to help me out here, I will love you forever. Also feel free to tell me what you think. Unless you hate it, then shut your mouth : )

Monday, November 24, 2008

Indoor plumbing, amongst other things

I have notice that a lot of people out there in blogland have been posting what they are thankful throughout the month of Nov. Well I obviously have not been doing this. But I decided that I could stand to do it for the next couple days leading up to Thanksgiving. So let's begin
1) I am thankful for indoor plumbing. I love it soo mucch! I love that I don't have to walk outside to an outhouse, or go potty in a big hole in the ground. I am especially grateful fo this in the middle of winter at 2 AM in the morning when I wake up to go potty. So thank you to the man who invented indoor plumbing, I will forever be in your debt.
2)I am thankful for Caffeine Free Diet Coke. I am trying to cut Caffeine out of my life (the headaches are horrible). SO I have been drinking a lot of this. Extremely grateful they make a caffeine free option.
3) My kitties. My first 2 cats were a present from my husband when I lost my job last year, and Tonks was a stray that Bryan was kind enough to let me keep. They have been like children to me ever since. Anyone who says that cats don't have personalities have obvisouly not met mine.
Riddle-he is a super cuddley, attention hog. He will come up and jump on you as soon as you sit down a book or comp. When you walk in the door he meows at you as if to say "where the heck have you been all day and why weren't you here petting me?"
Lupin-is slightly stand offish at first, only wants to be cuddled on his terms; except on Sat morning. Sat morning he happily jumps on the bed, crawls under the covers and monopolizes my cuddeling time
Tonks-this 3 lb. kitten is freaking adorable. She has learned that you have to meow sometimes to get attention, so she will meow and follow you everywhere until you pick her up and rub her down.
Since I don't have children currently, these 3 have been great substitutes. Thanks honey for letting me have them. Below are some recent pics of my babies.

Tonks has a little crush on Lupin, so cute

They are all very friendly, so they like to sleep right next to each other

Sunday, November 23, 2008


(14) Brigham Young 24, (7) Utah 48

I don't think I need to say anymore, the score speaks for itself!! I nearly lost my voice last night screaming at the TV and jumping up and down on my Sister in Laws couch.  The best part of last night, was trying to go from the screaming roudiness of the game, to preparing my lesson for Relief Society this morning.  Thank goodness the game ended early.  
SO to all my BYU friends (KJ) HAHAHAHA 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bye Bye Blonde

For the majority of my life I have been fighting nature and dying my hair blonde. It has been an expensive, time consuming, uphill battle; and nature has officially won. Tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 (don't worry I will be done before the big game) I will embrace what was given to me and dying my hair a dark Brunette. I have to go extremely dark to cover the blonde and stop it from turning a greenish color and will lighten it from that point till it's my natural brown.

So Bye Bye Blonde, I will miss you, we really did have more fun.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I realized today that I am much funnier in my head than I am outloud.

This is harder than the day I realized that Big Bird and Kermit were just puppets with someones hand sticking up their backside.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Twilight arrives in Theatres in 9 days!!! Like most people, especially women, I am ridiculously excited. However I have been having this weird internal dilemma lately.

Understand this about me first, I am one of those people that has a hard time seperating the actor from the character. I think Tom Cruise is a goober so I won't see any of his movies, I think Seth Rogan is a crack head high school drop out so when I watch him on the screen I want to smack him, Nicole Kidman looks like a wax statues so I have a hard time watching her try to act. Movie magic can of course make anyone look good, but in real life they look...dirty.

So this is the dilemma I am having with Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson. Please compare and contrast the 2 pics from below:

Handsom, clean cut...CLEAN

Real life. Umm, I wouldn't touch that with a 10 Ft. pole. Robert actually says that he has not washed his hair in 6 WEEKS!!! One word...Goober!

So, of course I will go and see the movie, and like every other girl, wish that I had somehow married Edward; but this image of Robert above will stay with me through the whole movie. I mean does anyone actually find that Sexy?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eye boogers or Kitty AIDS

I haven't written about the cats in a while so I figured it was about time for a Kitty Post!!

So...Sat night I was cuddeling with Riddle (the fat black one) and noticed that his eye had some pretty severe boogers going on, so I clear them away and don't think about them anymore.
Sunday morning I pick him up before church and notice they are back, if not worse. His eye is kinda half open and he looks like someone punched him. So this time I clear off the crusties and dig out any other boogers (this whole time Bryan is getting sick by the way, he HATES boogers)

Sunday night it is starting to look really bad so I decide it's time to consult Google about Kitty Eye infections. The first thing I read is about how severe cats can get eye infections and how it can be a sign of FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) AKA Kitty AIDS, this of course freaks me out. I start cuddeling with Riddle and looking for a Vet as if his life depends on it. After looking a at a bunch of Vets and reading some scary reviews, I finally find one up in Cottonwood. The next morning I call, literally as they opened, and made an appointment for 5:30 that night. The whole time i'm at work trying not to imagine having to put Riddle down because he has FIV or about him someone passing it onto the other 2 kitties.

So yesterday I leave work a little early, convince Bryan that he can't go to the Chiro but has to come with me, we put Riddle in his little red harness and we take off. At the vet we were the only ones with cats, luckily Riddle didn't freak out when he was put face to face with 3 dogs bigger than him.

So we get into the room, i'm still thinking he has Kitty AIDS and the Dr. looks at him for 2 minutes, tells me us it looks like one of the other cats scratched him in the eye, gives him some eye drops and we're done.

All worries of Kitty AIDS out the window, which makes me very happy. Riddle is the cuddliest cutest cat I have ever met, he is seriously my baby, he even talks back when we ask him questions, so the idea of not having him is unbearable.

So if your cat ever has an eye infection, DON'T GOOGLE IT!!! It will look like Kitty AIDS. Also if you still have time, be a vet $45 for 5 minutes of work, must be nice.

ps Here is Riddle the morning after we brought him home, he was still skinny back then.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day

If anyone knows anything about me, they know that I was not happy with the results last night. However, though I may not agree with the results, or like the candidate, I do agree with the system. I am grateful to live in a country where I have the right to vote the way I choose, say what I want to about the candidates, and practice my religion as I see fit.
So, I voted for McCain and did everything in my power to get him elected, however I will stand behind this country's decision and I wish Obama all the best. THis country is a mess right now, so Obama needs the help of as many people as he can get, cabinet members, congress and the senate; yes even though it's a democrat majority. So Good Luck Obama, you'll need it.

As for Proposition 8, according to all Media Outlest and voting trends, it looks like it has passed and i'm extremely grateful. I believe marriage should be defined as a man and a woman. I have received a lot of criticism on Facebook for my belief in this, and have had to defend myself and my religion numerous times, which I believe is unfair, but i'm willing to stand up for what I believe in.
So...Way to go California, i'm proud of you!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

First Date

2 years ago today, Bryan and I had our first "date".
For any of you who know the story of our first date, you know why it's in quotes.
For those of you who don't know why, and don't understand, just ask. Let's just say our first date was not typical, and the relationship was not meant to turn into a marriage.
However, no matter what it was supposed to be, meeting Bryan that night for our "date" was the best decision I ever made, and i'm extremely grateful to have him as my husband, he may not be perfect (no one is) but he is perfect for me. Love you honey!

Here is a picture from when we first started dating, it's off my cell phone.