Sunday, February 17, 2008


OK, so it's been about 2 months since I lost posted a blog. I suck. Actually it's been a busy 2 months. Since the last entry we have had Christmas, in 3 different states. Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Bryan and I both had birthdays; Bryan turned 23 on Jan. 21st, and I turned 24 on January 31st. So let's keep people up to date.
Christmas for us this year was crazazy!!! We had our first Christmas with each other a week early here in Utah. Just Bryan and I. We then flew home to Minnesota, spent Christmas with my Mom's family, including my new neice that I met for the first time. Bryan also got to talk to my little brother, who is on a mission, for the first time. We also had Christmas in Wisconsin with my Dad. Finally we drove down to Chicago to do Christmas with Bryan's family. Let's just say it was hectic and we were happy to get home to normal life. Below is Christmas at my mom's, Bryan and my dad on Christmas in the family kilts, and Bryan and I at the Chicago Temple.

Then came birthdays. For Bryan's birthday allhe wanted was a new suit, and since those are expensive that's all he got, well and a Family Guy DVD. For my birthday he took me shopping, which was great. Since I got married the biggest thing I had to give up was clothes, and that killed me. So he indulged my inner shopaholic. They were simple and low key but I loved them. Mostly because I really don't like crowds or parties, so dinner out with my husband was perfect. OOO OOO I also got to get my hair cut and dyed. I have not had my highlights done since our wedding IN MAY OF 2007!!! Let's just say my hair was starting to look like a freak show.
So now life is back to normal. Bryan got promoted to Firedog at Circuit City, making him officially a PT Technician. We will be going to Idaho next weekend to see Bryan's grandma. She just had surgery for breast cancer. So it will be great to see her. We also have a couple weddings coming up. Including Bryan's older sister. Which means my next post will include my Mormon wedding pet peeves. I have a long list of them.