Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dragons and Babies

So if you know Bryan and me at all you will know that we love love love going to the movies. Our first year of marriage we saw 47 movies in 52 weeks. So when we saw a preview for How to Train Your Dragon we knew we wanted to see it, but we knew we would have a baby that would be around a month old. Well we figured we would try to take the baby with us, we were going to risk waking up the baby when the big Dragon fight occured, took a chance that he wouldn't start to fuss and cry in the middle forcing us to leave and waste $30.

Thank freaking goodness we have a freaking angel baby. He fell asleep in his baby bjorn as soon as we got out of the car, slept on Bryan's chest for about 45 min, ate a bottle and then fell back to sleep. The movie got really loud at times but he just slept through it. Thank goodness. We now know that we can go to movies and have a little bit of our normal life back.
I know that I have complained in the past about not sleeping or how hard it is but honestly I am amazingly lucky. For the past week and a half he was been sleeping for about 5-6 hours straight, waking up and feeding and then sleeping another 2-3 hours; we are amazingly lucky that he does that at 5 weeks. He is still extremely needy, does not like to be set in his bouncer or swing and demands to be held if he is awake but overall he is a very good baby and I am loving the fact that I am his mom.
By the way here are a couple pics to make everyone happy
Who doesn't like a naked baby

He loves to balance on Bryan

Friday, March 19, 2010

Super Mom Vanished

Yup, that didn't last long.
So we have been trying to get Caelum on a schedule, get him to sleep more during the day (he only sleeps about 4-5 hours right now and he needs 8) and longer and more at night (he sleeps for approx 6) well, he has learned to start fighting me when i'm trying to put him to sleep. That means screaming.
When we first brought Caelum home he was quiet and content and he would fall asleep right at 10:30 and though he was a loud sleeper he still slept. That's all gone now. Now he screams when I try to put him down to sleep and he screams in the middle of the day when I try to make him take a nap. I'm not going to lie, I usually cry right along with him, I just don't know what to do and how to get him to actually sleep. So right now life is a little harder than I thought it would be at this point. Wish us luck in these next couple months while we work with Caelum and while I try to deal with him crying through the night.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I feel like super mom

I needed to document today because, this probably won't happen again for another couple weeks.
5:30 AM-wake up with Caelum and feed
6:45 AM- put him down for his first nap
9 AM-wake up and feed again while feeding myself breakfast
10:30 AM-Work out on Wii fit with Caelum in the Baby Bjorn
10:45 AM-Caelum falls asleep for second nap of day
12:30-goes down for continuation of 2nd nap
3:15 PM-Caelum wakes up from naps-that's right he slept for nearly 3 hours in a single nap, meaning I slept

During his naps I have succeeded in taking a nap myself, cleaning the living room, cooking dinner, showering, doing my make-up, working out and blogging right now. This probably won't happen again for a long time, i'm super excited about it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

small victories

I made it all day yesterday without crying!!! That means that my hormones are finally starting to balance themselves out and i'm getting used to this whole staying at home all day thing, it's definately harder than I imagined.
I also realized yesterday that I am one of those moms that take pictures of everything. Bryan took a bath with Caelum yesterday and I took pictures. They will never ever be shared with anyone but I just had to document how freaking adorable it was.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Enjoy the pictures of my adorable baby
Right after bath time. He loves baths!!
Caelum's going home outfit. That sweater belonged to his Grandpa Rick. My step grandma gave it to me for a baby shower. Let me tell you just how happy I am that he didn't throw up on it...whew!

We first thought this was just an excited face, then realized he makes it while pooing. Makes me laugh everytime.
So lets just say that blogging is going to be few and far between for the next couple weeks, until Caelum gets this whole sleep thing down. To be honest we have been extremely lucky with him. He rarely cries, he actually enjoys baths, and at nights he will sleep for up to 5 hours straight which is unheard of for a baby. However i'm still not used to it. Also, I have not trained myself to tell the difference between his "i'm just going to randomly make noises in my sleep and i'm actually awake whines" that he makes everynight. So that means last night I only got 30 min of sleep....good times. So i'm trying to sleep when he sleeps during the day but it's harder then I thought it would be.