Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Really Jason?!? Really???

So first off I watch the Bachelor, religiously.  And I don't want to go into a lot of details, but I will say this, I was PISSED.  Melissa said it perfectly...Jason "you're such a bastard"

yup, I said a bad word, sorry.  
Even Better...in the words of Rockstar Diaries "Jason Mesnick is a Douche Bag"
So that in the past, let's all pray to the ABC Bachelorette God's that Jillian gets her turn.  

Monday, March 2, 2009

We Surround Them

OK, so it's pretty obvious that i'm a conservative republican, if you have not figured that out yet than you have problems.  Well I am also a big supporter of Glenn Beck, I LOVE HIM!!! I love his idea, the way he talks, the way that he is not afraid to ask hard questions, his books, show and so on.   Well anyway, for anyone that has been watching Glenn Beck lately they know about his special show on March 13th.  If you have not keep reading.

Please click on my link here, basically he has outlined some core values that he believes in and is asking if we as a country believe in them as well.  
So if you have visited this site and agree with his 9-12 values than he asks that you send your picture to wesurroundthem@foxnews.com
ALSO-if you don't get cable or if you want to watch th
e Glenn Beck Special with a large group of people than you can visit HERE, there is a large group of supporters who are watching at a restaurant down in South Jordan and Glenn Beck will be cutting to the restaurant live during his special.  
Hope to see some of you there.  
We would love as many people as possible to come and I strongly encourage you to send your pictures in. Bryan and I already have.