Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why Mormon Girls Stay Single

I just found the best blog ever. Why Mormon Girls Stay Single, it's hilarious. Now I know most of you read Seriously So Blessed, I do as well, and it makes fun of mormons by exaggerating the silly and sometimes annoying things about our culture. Why Mormon Girls Stay Single is making fun of Mormon girls (and boys) while trying to help them, by calling them out on all the silly stupid things that the singles do.

Examples on posts

-Quit wearing flip flops to church
-Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free
-Text relationships are not REAL relationships
-You served a mission? Well did you bring any souveniers back from your extended vacation? (this one sounds really mean, but it's really funny)

I have been reading this out loud with Bryan all night. I feel like this guy is reading my mind. It's not only why mormon girls stay single, but it pinpoints soo many things that I despise about what I call the Typical BYU Daddy's Girl 18 year old looking for her MRS. Degree.

I have sent him a suggestion to talk about the Utah Poof. Can I just say this, girls....quit trying to make a shelf on the back of your head with your hair. If hair was supposed to be that big, rigid and bubble like than God would have created hair that defyed gravity the first time around. Just saying.

So anyways, I suggest you visit this guys blog, I promise you'll enjoy it. If you are married you will look back and laugh at yourself (or thank the lord you never did any of it) and if you are single than maybe you will get some advise.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I just have to keep telling myself "I love my cat"

So we have now had Tonks for 5 months.  When we first got her she was just a baby so we took her in and got her all her shots, but decided to wait on getting her spayed.  We thought we can wait since she will be an inside cat, our other 2 cats (boys) are both fixed so there's no way for her to get Preggo.  

We didn't see any problems with this, until last week.  Tonks is in HEAT.  Ohh my gosh, its HORRIBLE.  All day every day she is constantly howling, apparently she is trying to call a male kitty to give her some loving.  She also walks around with her butt up in the air, trying to persuade someone to come and have a go.  She is doing this to our 2 boy kitties, and since they don't have the equipment or desire anymore they just push her away.  Its really annoying watching her rub her bum in their faces.  And seriously, the howling, I love her but a small part of me wants to throw her out the window, or just let her outside and let some male cat have his way with her.  

The only thing that stops her from howling is for me to rub the side of her butt for a couple minutes.

Below is a pic of Tonks trying to rub her butt on Riddle, but poor Riddle just does not understand what's going on, so he just sits around and gets backed into a corner every time she tries to make a move.
So on Wednesday I am taking Tonks in to get fixed, thank goodness; it can't come fast enough.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm a spoon killer

So um, have you ever come home from grocery shopping and and sniffed around your apartment and smelt something burning; but you figure that since they are working on the apartment next to yours that it was just something they were working on, so you ignore it and the smell gets worse?  Than you go to unload the dishwasher and the smell suddenly intensifies?  Than while unloading you find  a WOODEN SPOON BURNT TO THE COILS?

Well I have, in fact I did it yesterday.  I love wooden spoons, so anytime I lose one to a break, or over washing, or in this case burned to death in the dishwasher, I get a little sad.  I should really stop buying them because all that enter my home, die horrible splintery deaths.
So below is a picture of my dearly departed wooden spoon.  I will miss you (until tomorrow when I replace you : )

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have never actually been tagged before, I feel special.  I was tagged by my friend Becca from my ward. 

Rules: Link to the person who has tagged you (above) Write down six things that make you happy.  Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it.  Then tell the person when your entry is complete.

1.  I'm happy the hour or so before bed at night when Bryan and I crawl into bed, watch The Simpsons and cuddle, best hour of my day.  

2.  I'm happy when I have a clean apartment, I love coming home and knowing I don't have to do any dishes because its already clean.  I can sleep easier knowing that my house is clean.

3.  I'm happy when I get to see family, I live far away from mine so it really makes me happy when I get to see them.

4.  I'm happy when i'm half way into a really good book and all I want to do is hop in the bathtub, sit there and read for hours on end.  Nothing is better than a good book, especially books about adolescent love sick vampires.

5.  I'm happy when I watch my kitties do cute stuff.  Since I don't have kids, they entertain me.  They are super cuddley, they talk back to us, and they follow us around like little puppies.  I love them.

6.  I'm happy when I get to spend an entire day with my husband.  He's my best friend and I love just spending the entire day with him.  

I tag-Whitney, Jessica, Mary, Ashley, KJ and Holly

I changed again

I have done it again, I have changed my appearance.  Poor Bryan probably feels like he's been tricked, he wakes up next to a woman who looks nothing like the woman he married.  
Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  
So for anyone that has not found me on facebook yet, below is a pic of my new hair cut.  It sits right below my chin.
Now some of you may be asking "Why?" 
Well, let me tell you this, my hair is thick, really ridiculously freaking thick, and it takes FOREVER to dry and curl, up to 2 and a half hours every other day.  Plus its soo thick that its heavy, therefore it weighs my hair down and takes away any volume.  So when its short it's fluffy and light(relatively light) and sooo much easier to take care of.  
So feel free to comment, like, hate, think I look like a boy.  Whatever.

By the way, this is a pretty decent job considering I took it from my cell phone.  Thank goodness for picnik.  

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's official

It's official, the economy has finally hit home, our home. I lost my job on Friday Jan 30th, yup that's right, the day before my birthday.
My company has not been doing very well financially and so the day after our COO left the company, myself and 4 other people were let go. In a company of only 34 people, that's a lot.
So I called Bryan and he came and got me, we left with lots of hugs from my co workers. I thought my poor boss was going to break down in tears. Luckily I waited till I got home till I broke down. I really loved what I did there, and though there were some people that I disliked (they will remain nameless, but they know exactly who they are), I still enjoyed work.
So Bryan and I had a big decison to make. You see, we have been looking for a reason to leave Utah for a while, i'm not a big fan of it here, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. So we took it to the temple, that was where the answer seemed obvious.
So as soon as Bryan and I can get jobs out in WI or MN we are out of here. Bryan will enroll in UWRF when we get there and I will continue to put him through school.
We are terrified to leave, excited to go home, nervous about finding jobs, and any and every other emotion you could possibly feel, but we know it's the right thing do to. So if anyone knows of any job openings, or anything else that can help us, let us know.