Monday, June 14, 2010

Wisconsin or Bust case you haven't read on Facebook, didn't recieve a text or couldn't hear me shout it from my rooftop, we are headed to Wisconsin. Moving home. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!
Why you might ask? Well, back in December Bryan interviewed for a job with my best friends dad to work for the city of Hudson, WI (15 min away from my home town). He then did a phone interview in the middle of April and then we waited and waited and waited oh and waited some more till about a week and a half ago when we finally got a call informing us that we got the job and get to move home!!! Problem? Bryan has to start the 21st of June. Holy freaking crapparooni. So this upcoming Sat Bryan will pack up the cats and his clothes and drive across the country. Then the next Fri my family comes out to help me pack up the U-Haul(the U-Haul that is completely destroying our savings plan) and driving this
all 1,340 miles of it to River Falls....with a 4 month old....stuck in a who does not like said carseat....a 4 month old who can scream with the lungs of a creature from the depths of h3ll!!! wish me luck.
PS did I mention we are buying a house? Oh man when did I grow up? Oh right, when that baby came out of my body and looked at me like I was him mom.


Lisa Louise said...

that is so exciting!!

Andreanna said...

You are buying a house! I knew you were moving home but not that. I am so excited for you. Oh and if you have a portable DVD use that to distract the baby. We drove to NM and Ethan loved it. The lights and moving picture might be enough to keep the screaming down. Good Luck.

Loriann Jensen said...

Congratulations! Hope everything works out for you guys! It was good to see you before you take off.