Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I can hit that

Caelum has finally started to realize that there are toys dangeling above him and he has the power to hit them. His hand eye coordination isn't quite there yet, he's working on it, so he kind of randomly throws him arm around and will sometimes hit it. He has already improved in the 48 hours that he has been doing it. The funniest part is that he only hits with his right arm, he uses his left arm for balance, but he stares at the toy above his left arm and concentrates so hard on it. Sometimes he'll start fussing because he just doesn't understand why he can't hit it. Seriously my baby is growing up so fast.

Oh and the funniest part is that he also kicks at this ball at the end, and about one in five times he'll fart while he does it which makes him giggle even harder. He is soo my son.