Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Funny Mommy Moments

so being a mom is great, hard, gross and sometimes freaking hilarious. examples:

1) Tonight we were giving Caelum his bath and doing the serious scrubbing (when you have a boy that means you have to get in the folds of his little weenus and under his boys). Well we were just about done, Bryan went to get a towel and i'm doing a final scrubbing of his boys when I look at Caelum and he's smiling, really big. So I look at him and very seriously say "Caelum it is not ok for you to smile while i'm touching your balls". I thought Bryan was going to die.
2) So being a mom means no more privacy, even when going to the bathroom. So usually if i'm going to take a while (you know what i'm talking about) I will get the Boppy, lay Caelum in it and then turn on the blow dryer to keep him calm. Well, he started getting super fussy and crying so I pick him up, yes while i'm going potty, then the cat decides to come and watch, but that apparently wasn't enough, Riddle decided to join Caelum on my lap. So yup, I became a human chair while sitting on the toilet. Good times.

3)Everytime I change Caelum's diaper he starts to laugh and smile as if to say to me "haha, you have to wipe my ass and weenus and i'm going to make you do this for the next 2 years!!! and it's only going to get worse, hahahahaha"
Oh how I love my little man. He is starting to stand up when he holds onto our fingers, sits up with a pillow behind him, he smiles and laughs and held a toy and sucked on it all by himself today. I know these are small things, but for my first little boy these are huge milestones. He is now weighing in at a whopping 13 lbs 2 oz.