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Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh...hey there

Oh, you doing? Good? Me too. Where have I beed you ask? Oh, you know, chasing around this little guy
(bribing him with cheetos so we can cut his hair for the first time)
Let's see, we also moved back to WI, living with a husband that is doing school and work full-time, trying to lose 40 lbs (yup that's how much I put on when I was pregnant, no I am not one of those dainty girls that put on 15 lbs and they vanished when I gave birth) by going to Jazzercise 3 times a week and training to be an instructor (by the way i've lost 34 lbs) oh and apparently i've decided that i'm a teenager when it comes to reading. In the past 5 months I have read The Hunger Games, The Pretties, The Mortal Instruments, The Clockwork Angel, and A Modern Faerie Tale; all of which are book series meant for Young Adults. I'm addicted and even bribed my cousin to watch Caelum the day after the next Mortal Instrument book comes out so that I can read all day.
So, life is good, life is hectic. I miss my husband and somedays on the verge of screaming into a pillow cause my son refuses to let me do anything. On the other hand life is awesome. Since I barely see Bryan we have started spending less time watching TV and more time having dance parties with Caelum, singing Primary songs while he gives us cuddles and we're home. I loved Utah while I was there, but at the same time I hated it; and so instead of being one of those people that complained about it while I was there, I left. Being close to my family and to this ward, it's amazing and i'm grateful to raise my son here.
So, that's it for now. so to you later : )

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

...and i'm a mormon

So, out here in Minnesota they have been running the new ads nonstop. They have also announced at the pulpit that they are encouraging people to create their own profiles. This has lead me to think what I would write about and most importantly what my tagline would be. You see most people talk about their hobbies, jobs, education, or world championships they have won, whatever. Well, my hobbies have been put on hold while I move and watch my son; my job is a stay at home mom/wife, I am no longer in school and besides the championships I have won in my dreams, i've got nothing. I am simply a mom and wife. And then I realized, i'm not just a mom and wife, i'm a MOM and a WIFE, the best job in the entire world.
I am lucky that my days consist of talking to a 7 month old in silly voices, grateful that I can make breakfast and pack a lunch for my husband. My fancy work clothes are replaced by pajama pants, ponytails and tennis shoes, my business lunches are replaced by peanut butter jelly sandwiches and a baby spitting up mac and cheese. I stay at home and raise my son so we don't have to pay for child care, and I spend my days trying to find ways to save money so that I can stay home and raise the son that I chose to have; this means that we don't get to go on fancy trips to Hawaii and have put off buying a house so we can have a savings account. I no longer receve a paycheck, but I get to be home and catch every first of my son, make him giggle, cuddle him when he is sick or hurt. I stay home and support my husband who works long hours and then goes to school so someday we can have a better life, I am there for every frustrated phone call, and to give a hug and kiss as soon as he walks in the door. I have put off my own personal desires and and dreams for those of my sonand family and I could not be happier.
So I am proud to say that I am a mother, a wife; i'm a penny pincher. My name is Molly Watson and i'm a Mormon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wisconsin or Bust case you haven't read on Facebook, didn't recieve a text or couldn't hear me shout it from my rooftop, we are headed to Wisconsin. Moving home. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!
Why you might ask? Well, back in December Bryan interviewed for a job with my best friends dad to work for the city of Hudson, WI (15 min away from my home town). He then did a phone interview in the middle of April and then we waited and waited and waited oh and waited some more till about a week and a half ago when we finally got a call informing us that we got the job and get to move home!!! Problem? Bryan has to start the 21st of June. Holy freaking crapparooni. So this upcoming Sat Bryan will pack up the cats and his clothes and drive across the country. Then the next Fri my family comes out to help me pack up the U-Haul(the U-Haul that is completely destroying our savings plan) and driving this
all 1,340 miles of it to River Falls....with a 4 month old....stuck in a who does not like said carseat....a 4 month old who can scream with the lungs of a creature from the depths of h3ll!!! wish me luck.
PS did I mention we are buying a house? Oh man when did I grow up? Oh right, when that baby came out of my body and looked at me like I was him mom.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I can hit that

Caelum has finally started to realize that there are toys dangeling above him and he has the power to hit them. His hand eye coordination isn't quite there yet, he's working on it, so he kind of randomly throws him arm around and will sometimes hit it. He has already improved in the 48 hours that he has been doing it. The funniest part is that he only hits with his right arm, he uses his left arm for balance, but he stares at the toy above his left arm and concentrates so hard on it. Sometimes he'll start fussing because he just doesn't understand why he can't hit it. Seriously my baby is growing up so fast.

Oh and the funniest part is that he also kicks at this ball at the end, and about one in five times he'll fart while he does it which makes him giggle even harder. He is soo my son.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Funny Mommy Moments

so being a mom is great, hard, gross and sometimes freaking hilarious. examples:

1) Tonight we were giving Caelum his bath and doing the serious scrubbing (when you have a boy that means you have to get in the folds of his little weenus and under his boys). Well we were just about done, Bryan went to get a towel and i'm doing a final scrubbing of his boys when I look at Caelum and he's smiling, really big. So I look at him and very seriously say "Caelum it is not ok for you to smile while i'm touching your balls". I thought Bryan was going to die.
2) So being a mom means no more privacy, even when going to the bathroom. So usually if i'm going to take a while (you know what i'm talking about) I will get the Boppy, lay Caelum in it and then turn on the blow dryer to keep him calm. Well, he started getting super fussy and crying so I pick him up, yes while i'm going potty, then the cat decides to come and watch, but that apparently wasn't enough, Riddle decided to join Caelum on my lap. So yup, I became a human chair while sitting on the toilet. Good times.

3)Everytime I change Caelum's diaper he starts to laugh and smile as if to say to me "haha, you have to wipe my ass and weenus and i'm going to make you do this for the next 2 years!!! and it's only going to get worse, hahahahaha"
Oh how I love my little man. He is starting to stand up when he holds onto our fingers, sits up with a pillow behind him, he smiles and laughs and held a toy and sucked on it all by himself today. I know these are small things, but for my first little boy these are huge milestones. He is now weighing in at a whopping 13 lbs 2 oz.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dragons and Babies

So if you know Bryan and me at all you will know that we love love love going to the movies. Our first year of marriage we saw 47 movies in 52 weeks. So when we saw a preview for How to Train Your Dragon we knew we wanted to see it, but we knew we would have a baby that would be around a month old. Well we figured we would try to take the baby with us, we were going to risk waking up the baby when the big Dragon fight occured, took a chance that he wouldn't start to fuss and cry in the middle forcing us to leave and waste $30.

Thank freaking goodness we have a freaking angel baby. He fell asleep in his baby bjorn as soon as we got out of the car, slept on Bryan's chest for about 45 min, ate a bottle and then fell back to sleep. The movie got really loud at times but he just slept through it. Thank goodness. We now know that we can go to movies and have a little bit of our normal life back.
I know that I have complained in the past about not sleeping or how hard it is but honestly I am amazingly lucky. For the past week and a half he was been sleeping for about 5-6 hours straight, waking up and feeding and then sleeping another 2-3 hours; we are amazingly lucky that he does that at 5 weeks. He is still extremely needy, does not like to be set in his bouncer or swing and demands to be held if he is awake but overall he is a very good baby and I am loving the fact that I am his mom.
By the way here are a couple pics to make everyone happy
Who doesn't like a naked baby

He loves to balance on Bryan

Friday, March 19, 2010

Super Mom Vanished

Yup, that didn't last long.
So we have been trying to get Caelum on a schedule, get him to sleep more during the day (he only sleeps about 4-5 hours right now and he needs 8) and longer and more at night (he sleeps for approx 6) well, he has learned to start fighting me when i'm trying to put him to sleep. That means screaming.
When we first brought Caelum home he was quiet and content and he would fall asleep right at 10:30 and though he was a loud sleeper he still slept. That's all gone now. Now he screams when I try to put him down to sleep and he screams in the middle of the day when I try to make him take a nap. I'm not going to lie, I usually cry right along with him, I just don't know what to do and how to get him to actually sleep. So right now life is a little harder than I thought it would be at this point. Wish us luck in these next couple months while we work with Caelum and while I try to deal with him crying through the night.